1,124,505 Free Fire accounts banned for cheating in the last two weeks


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The Free Fire anti-cheat report is out

Mobile gaming and esports have witnessed a meteoric growth in the few two years, with Free Fire one of the leaders. The battle royale title by Garena has emerged as an industry leader in this segment, breaking new records with each passing day.

The esports aspect of the game has seen a boom as well, with the recently concluded Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore amassing a record-breaking peak viewership of 5.4 million.

However, with all this success, the game has had to face some obstacles in the form of cheaters and hackers who use third-party software to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

To counter this, Garena has put in place an anti-cheat system that detects and bans players using third-party software. The system has been quite successful in regulating and keeping cheaters in check.

Garena also encourages legitimate players to report cheaters they encounter in-game. The developers also publish bi-weekly reports detailing the number of accounts banned and the types of cheats used.

In a recently published report, it was revealed that Free Fire banned a total of 1,124,505 accounts for cheating. Out of these, around 7,12,936 (63.4%) accounts were barred due to reports by legit players.

Additionally, 22,495 accounts were banned as they were found to be teaming up with the cheaters.

Free Fire also put out a list of the types of hacks used

  • Auto Aim (72.6%): Allows the cheater to automatically aim at his/her enemy with minimal to no effort involved
  • Teleport (14.8%): This sees the cheater move across large distances on the map in a few seconds.
  • Through the Wall (10.3%): Cheaters can deal damage to their enemies through obstacles such as walls and rocks.
  • Others (2.3%): Miscellaneous and random cheats.

Along with the report, the developers said that they were continuously working towards updating the anti-cheat system. They also said that new measures had been enforced to improve the overall gaming environment.

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