1rrad and Light Clap Back at Raizen’s Statement That RSG PH “Got Lucky”

RSG PH scored its first win in the against ONIC PH. The renowned Kingslayers were able to score a 2-1 victory over the Yellow Hedgehog in a grueling series. During one of the post-match press conferences, ONIC PH’s jungler Raizen claimed that RSG PH only won through luck. In response to this statement, RSG PH clapped back with a joking response in a separate media interview. According to the Kingslayers, ONIC PH would have won the match if they focused on playing the game instead of spamming TP (teleport) animations to taunt them.

Raizen claims RSG PH “got lucky” with their win against ONIC PH

During the intense three-round series between RSG PH and ONIC PH, it was obvious that the Yellow Hedgehogs had the early game advantage. However, as the game dragged longer, the momentum shifted on the side of the Kingslayers. Eventually, RSG PH was able to close the series with a convincing victory in the third round.

Through a post-match press conference, Raizen claimed that the renowned Kingslayers only got lucky as his team was leading in the early game of the deciding match. In response to this, RSG PH’s iconic players John “Irrad” Abarquez and Dylan “Light” Catipon also shared their thoughts about his bold claims in a joking manner.

“I don’t know, maybe it was luck. I really don’t know. Maybe we were, because instead of him pressing the Retribution he pressed TP instead,” 1rrad stated.

Light followed up by comparing ONIC PH to its Indonesia division who use the TP animation as a means to taunt their opponents.

“It’s just like ONIC Indonesia, I can see they really are a sister team. But then, Indo wins if they TP but they lose,” he stated.

RSG PH is set to face Blacklist International on 9th September at 5:00 PM (PHT). It will be interesting to see if the Kingslayers can keep their momentum going in the MPL PH Season 12.