2023 SEA Games MLBB Women’s Event Hailed as Most Viewed Female Esports Event

2023 SEA Games Mobile Legends Women's Event: Schedule, Results, Format, Teams, Where to Watch

The recently concluded reached a new record as the most-viewed female esports tournament. The event surpassed the previous record holder, the MLBB Women’s Invitational 2022, by roughly 348% in terms of peak viewership. 

The tournament concluded with Indonesia leading the pack with a Gold Medal followed by the Philippines with the Silver Medal. Malaysia finished in third place while Vietnam secured fourth place. Cambodia and Laos received the short end of the straw after being eliminated in the group stage with no wins and two losses in their standing.

32nd SEA Games MLBB Women’s Event hits over 1 million peak viewers

The ongoing 2023 SEA Games MLBB event makes history as its Women’s division achieved a new record as the most-viewed female esports event.

According to a report from , the Day 2 match between Indonesia and the Philippines reached a 1.36 million peak viewership. Indonesia signed its iconic Bigetron Era squad while the Philippines was comprised of Omega Empress members.

The new record had a massive gap compared to the previous record holder, the which was recorded to have 392,406 peak views. 

Two more of the 32nd SEA Games MLBB Women’s event matches also surpassed the previous record holder. The match between Indonesia and Vietnam on Day 1 accumulated 627,777 peak views while the first date of the group stage peaked at 771,510 views. 

The 32nd SEA Games MLBB event is divided into two categories – the Men’s and Women’s divisions. For the Men’s division, nine regions competed while six representatives participated in the Women’s division. 

The women’s division lasted for two days where Indonesia stood victorious after defeating the Philippines squad with a 3-2 score. The men’s division is currently ongoing with teams competing for a slot in the semi-finals match.


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