5 Best Garena Free Fire Characters to Get With Gold Coins (March 2022)

Garena Free Fire has a variety of characters to choose from. All Garena Free Fire characters come with unique abilities which give the player some kind of advantage in the game. Some Free Fire characters grant you more movement speed while others will increase your damage. You can even choose characters depending on your playstyle, for example, if you like sniping from far away, a character like Maro is a good fit for you. Some of these characters are only unlockable with diamonds. However, some Garena Free Fire characters can be unlocked with gold which can be earned through events and the free pass. Here is our list of 5 best characters to get with gold coins for March 2022.

5 Best Garena Free Fire Characters To Get With Gold Coins


As discussed before, if you like to down enemies from far away, Maro is a great character to get. His ability called Falcon Fervor allows users to deal upto 25% extra damage (at maximum level) if you’re further away. Damage to marked enemies is also increased upto 3.5% (at max level). This ability makes him a good pick for players who like to use long-range weapons to snipe out their enemies. Maro is currently available for 8000 gold coins.


If you’re a player who likes indulging in long-lasting fights then out of all the Garena Free Fire characters, Xayne and Jota are the best picks for you. Xayne’s ability Xtreme Encounter lets her gain 80 HP for a short time and 130% increased damage to gloo walls (at max level). This ability lasts for 15 seconds and has a 100 second cooldown (cd) at max level. Xayne can also be obtained for 8000 gold coins.


Jota is another great character for players who like to take longer fights. His ability Sustained Raids allows players to recover HP from damaging enemies. If you knock down an enemy in the process, you also get upto 20% HP back. This ability has no cooldown so you can keep stacking it. Jota is great for players who like to drop into hot zones and play aggressively. No cooldown for his abiliy lets Jota immediately move towards taking out the next enemy without pausing to heal. Jota can be purchased from the character store for 8000 gold coins.


Speaking of players who like to drop into hot zones, Wolfrahh is another great pick to play aggressively. His unique active ability “Limelight” makes him stronger the more viewers he has. This decreases the damage he takes from headshots and increases Wolfrahh’s damage to the enemies’ limbs. For every kill he scores, the damage he takes from headshots is decreased by 5%, upto a maximum of 30% and damage to the enemy’s limbs increases by 5%, up to 20%. Note that you can use the full potential of Limelight when more players are currently spectating Wolfrahh. Wolfrahh can be obtained for 8000 gold coins.


A124 closes out our list of the 5 best characters to get with gold coins for March 2022. A124’s ability to convert EP to HP is called Thrill of Battle. At maximum level A124 can quickly convert 60 EP into HP in 4s. This ability has a cooldown of 10 seconds. Players should play around Bonfires and areas where mushrooms are easily available to maximize her potential. Pick up an A124 for your team along with K to maximize your EP and HP regeneration. She is also available in the store for 6000 gold coins.

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