5 EXP Lane Heroes With The Highest Win Rate in M5 World Championship

As a tournament where only the best of the best can participate, the M5 World Championship showcased a lot of meta picks as well as surprising strategies that players can follow. While some of the heroes picked in the tournament heavily rely on teamwork and proper communication, there are a few exceptions that can , especially EXP Lane heroes. As a role that requires players to survive on their own in the early game, it is crucial to use heroes that can sustain themselves until help arrives or they can 1v1 their opponents without having to waste too many resources.

Here is a list of the top 5 EXP Lane heroes with the highest win rate in M5 World Championship. The list is based on .

Top 5 Highest Win Rate EXP Lane heroes in M5 World Championship

1. Terizla – 53.16% Win Rate (Picked 79 times)

Due to the healing meta, Terizla has become one of the highly contested picks in M5 World Championship. The hero can easily whittle down an enemy’s HP (Health Points) using his Skill 1: Revenge Strike that can leave a fissure on the enemy which can explode and damage them based on how much HP they lost. His Passive: Body of Smith also allows him to gain damage reduction based on his lost HP, providing much-needed durability during team fights.

2. Arlott – 43.94% Win Rate (Picked 66 times)

Arlott is a very unique case. This hero was played both in the EXP Lane as well as a Roamer in the M5 World Championship. This is due to his Passive: Demon Gaze which can mark a nearby enemy in a few seconds. This is perfect for providing vision for your allies. His CC (Crowd Control) effects are also a huge factor in team fights, displacing enemies or giving allies an opening to engage.

3. Khaleed – 57.69 % Win Rate (Picked 26 Times)

One of the biggest points to consider when playing EXP Lane is sustainability and mobility, Khaleed has both and more. His Passive: Sand Walk, provides a ton of movement speed so he can easily rotate across the map. His Skill 2: Quicksand Guard provides healing and damage reduction for himself as well as an AoE (Area of Effect) slow for enemies around him. 

4. Paquito – 53.85% Win Rate (Picked 26 Times)

When up against a team composition that relies heavily on skill shots, Paquito is the perfect counter-pick. This hero has a lot of dashes, allowing you to juke opponents and waste their resources on you. His high mobility and decent shield sustain also allow him to jump into a fight and escape quickly.

5. Yu Zhong – 34.62% Win Rate (Picked 26 Times)

The featured hero in the M5 World Championship is also one of the top picks in the EXP Lane. However, this hero heavily relies on his ally’s follow-up attacks, especially while he is in Dragon Form. Nonetheless, Yu Zhong can also sustain himself in the lane due to his Passive: Cursing Touch that restores HP for himself and increases his movement speed.