8 tips for improving customer experience


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The vast majority of CIOs are seeing investments in customer experience hold steady or rise, testament to the importance of CX today.

Consider the figures from Adobe’s CIO Perspectives Survey 2021: 33% of respondents say investments are up while only 8% are seeing cuts; the rest are level-funded. In the US, an even higher percentage of CIOs are seeing a bump in funds for CX, with 40% of them getting bigger budgets for that work.

CIOs will have to show some good returns for all that money. To help with that, CIO.com asked a dozen experts for tips on what CIOs can do to bring continuous improvement to their organization’s customer experience. Here’s what they say.

Have a dedicated team

Consumers expect good experiences from companies, and they demonstrate that with their dollars. The Customer Experience Trends 2021 report from software maker Zendesk found that 65% of customers want to buy from companies that offer quick and easy online transactions and 75% will spend more money buying from companies that provide them a good experience. On the other hand, 50% say they’d switch companies if they have even just one bad experience and 80% would switch if they have two or more.

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