A Guide to Mobile Legends Ranks


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ranks is a way to test your skills in the game. Mythic Glory rank is the most prestigious rank and only a few players could reach said rank. Climbing up to this rank requires a lot of patience, time, and skill to achieve. The patch to Mythic rank alone is tough for most players, this is why knowing how to rank up fast in Mobile Legends is important. The meta may also change when a patch update makes adjustments to certain heroes or in-game mechanics. This means that players will need to also be updated with the changes when a new update arrives. Here is a guide on how to get Mythic rank in Mobile Legends.

What level in mobile legends to play ranked?

There is no minimum level requirement in order to play ranked games in Mobile Legends. However, players need to own at least five heroes in order to queue up in ranked games. Trial heroes do not count towards the heroes you own.

How to know your rank in Mobile Legends?

 If you want to know your current rank, here is how you can do it;

  • Tap on your profile image at the top left corner.

  • Your current rank is displayed below your squad name, just near your list of recently used heroes.

There are a total of eight tiers of Mobile Legends ranks – Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, Mythic, and Mythic Glory. 

How to rank up fast in Mobile Legends?

If you want to reach the Mythic rank or even go beyond and climb up to Mythic Glory, you need to know how to lessen the stress when playing competitive matches. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to boost rank in Mobile Legends;

  • Use meta heroes – Meta (Most Effective Tactics Available) heroes are those who can provide the most impact in matches, especially in ranked games.

  • Play in a 5-man party – Playing with a 5-man squad will allow the team to communicate better and therefore potentially set up big plays and win matches.

  • Don’t trash talk teammates – There is no benefit in trash talking in the game. Maintaining a positive attitude can help players rank up fast in Mobile Legends.

  • Never surrender –  Always play the game to the very end and do your best in the process.

  • Expand your hero pool and role specialization- playing one hero alone will make it easy for opponents to counter your gameplay. Try to master multiple heroes and roles.

What is street rank in Mobile Legends?

Street rank in Mobile Legends is a type of leaderboard where the top players on specific regions or streets are listed. A player’s Hero Score determines their street rank in-game. The performance of each hero a player uses in Ranked Mode essentially determines their Hero Score.

How to show street rank in Mobile Legends?

If you want to check your street rank in Mobile Legends, here is how you can do it:

That is all you need to know about Mobile Legends ranks and how to climb fast up to Mythic Glory. Keep in mind that it will take time to master various heroes and playstyles. Your patience and determination will be put to test as you climb up the rank ladder.

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