Aamir Ali Responds To Ex-Wife Sanjeeda Shaikh's Comments on Losing Friends And Blame Games, Declines to Discuss Fatherhood


Aamir Ali recently addressed remarks made by his ex-wife, Sanjeeda Shaikh, regarding the loss of friends following their divorce. However, he remained tight-lipped about his experiences as a father.

Sanjeeda Shaikh, celebrated for her recent role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s debut OTT project, “Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar,” has always been in the media spotlight, both for her professional achievements and her personal life. She married Aamir Ali in 2012, and the couple divorced in 2021.

Aamir Ali’s Perspective on Relationship Blame

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In a recent interview with Galatta India, Aamir Ali shared his thoughts on the tendency to blame men when relationships fail. He compared it to how women are judged for their clothing choices, emphasizing that men often bear the brunt of blame when things go wrong. He said:

Like how girls are always judged in terms of the kind of clothes they wear, in the case of guys, every time something goes wrong, the blame immediately comes on the guy.”

Addressing Sanjeeda Shaikh’s Claims

When asked about Sanjeeda’s statement on losing friends post-divorce, Aamir admitted he was unaware of her comments and questioned the motive behind them. He wished her well and suggested that if someone hinders personal growth, it’s best to move on. He stated:

I don’t know what she said and why she said it. All the best to her and whatever she is doing in life. If you think someone is stopping you from growing and progressing in life, then go ahead… do what you want to do in life. Who am I to comment? I might have not been this understanding always, we all grow with time. People will think what they want to think. I never like to wash dirty linen in public. Whatever has happened, and people are talking about, it is between us. If we will address it in public, it will be spoken about. People will talk anyway, so let them be. They can get the vibe. They understand a situation, eventually. I don’t try, I am real.”

Fighting Personal Battles and Seeking Closure

Aamir shared his approach to dealing with personal struggles, highlighting his preference for handling issues privately and seeking closure rather than holding grudges. He expressed:

“I think you should give yourself time to understand why this happened. And learn from the pluses and minuses. I have never hated my ex-girlfriends. I think in life certain people are there with you for limited time. Spend good time, let the person be, and let go. If you will keep grudge, you will never heal. The day I learnt to forgive, I started to heal.” 

Aamir Ali on Fatherhood

Aamir and Sanjeeda welcomed their daughter, Ayra Ali, through surrogacy. When asked about his feelings on fatherhood, Aamir chose not to comment, citing the sensitivity of the topic and his desire to avoid saying anything that could cause future harm.

In her interview with Galatta India, Sanjeeda Shaikh revealed that she lost friends after her divorce, expressing that she is better off without them. She also discussed the demotivating impact some partners can have on their significant others.

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