Aditya Talks About Scout and Team XSpark

Following the return of the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Aditya “Aditya” Mathe has recently been playing alongside Tanmay “Scout” Singh. In a recent livestream Aditya spoke about how he felt about playing with his idol, stating that it was “indescribable.” He also spoke about playing in Team XSpark and the BGMI Rising tournament.

Aditya also said that Team Xspark was focused on winning a trophy and getting a chance to compete in an international tournament. He said that the team was not focused on individual awards, such as the MVP award, and that they were all working together to achieve their goal of winning.

Team Xspark is currently playing in the BGMI Rising tournament. In the first match of the tournament, the team secured 51 points, which was the most points scored by any team in the match.

Aditya on joining Team Xspark and Scout

During his recent livestream, Aditya said, “It feels good when I think about where I was once, just dreaming about playing with him.” He added, “I cannot describe how I am feeling.”

With BGMI’s return, Aditya said that Team Xspark is focused on winning a trophy. When asked who was aiming to be the Most Valuable Player (MVP), he clarified that the team does not care about MVP. They are laser-focused on winning. “If we win a tournament and we don’t get MVP it doesn’t bother us, but if someone from the team gets MVP and we as a team do not win, then it affects the whole team.”

Scout, one of the most popular BGMI players in India, had promised to return to his original form and dominate the esports scene. Scout was one of the best players in the world prior to PUBG Mobile’s ban in India. He won several tournaments, including the PMCO Fall Split 2019 and the PMCO Spring Split 2020.

The player has been excellent so far with Team XSpark following the game’s return. Only time will tell whether Team Xspark can continue their form and become the best team in India. However, they have all the ingredients to be successful and they will be a team to watch out for in the upcoming tournaments.