AKM vs M416: Which Is the Best Assault Rifle in BGMI?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has a wide range of weapons, from shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns to snipers. However, players often find themselves having to decide between and choose one of two formidable weapons: the AKM and the M416. Both guns possess unique features that make them excellent choices, and this makes it all the more difficult for players to pick one during the heat of the battle.

In this article, we shall take a closer look at both the AKM and the M416, their stats, and the pros and cons of using them.

AKM: Raw Power in Your Hands

The AKM is an assault rifle chambered in a 7.62mm cartridge that is also used by the Kar98, SKS, and M24 . AKM is known for its high damage per bullet, making it stand out among other assault rifles in BGMI. Its ability to deliver significant damage is a notable advantage. However, its firing rate in close-quarter combat is a significant drawback.

One of the AKM’s strengths lie in its superior armor penetration compared to the M416. This makes it highly effective against heavily armored opponents, exposing them to its formidable firepower. The AKM has an effective range of 60 and a stability rating of 34. It is equipped with a 30-round magazine, which can be extended to 40 rounds with an extended magazine. Players can choose between single shots and automatic fire thanks to its selective firing modes.

To enhance its performance, the AKM can be customized with attachments such as a flash hider, suppressor, compensator, and a variety of sights, including holographic, red dot, and scopes. However, the AKM does have some downsides. Its high recoil can be challenging to manage, especially during rapid fire. The substantial vertical kick makes it difficult to maintain accuracy, especially for inexperienced players. Additionally, the iron sights are not user-friendly, necessitating the use of optics for better aiming.

M416: Versatility at its Finest

The M416 is the most commonly used gun in BGMI, known for its versatility and reliability. This assault rifle uses 5.56mm ammunition and is compatible with the M16A4, Scar-L, and M249. With a power rating of 47 and a zeroing distance of 100 to 600 meters, it delivers consistent damage. The M416 shares the same muzzle attachment options as the AKM and can equip attachments like flash hiders, suppressors, compensators, magazines, and sights.

One notable advantage of the M416 is its faster reloading speed, which can be further enhanced to 1.9 seconds with a quickdraw magazine. It also has additional attachment slots for a grip and a tactical stock, providing five attachment options. This allows for better control and accuracy, making it effective in both close-range and long-range combat. The reduced recoil of the M416 enables players to take more accurate follow-up shots, giving them an edge in prolonged engagements.

However, the M416 does have some drawbacks. Its lower base damage means it may take more shots to eliminate opponents, especially if they wear higher-level armor. Additionally, the M416 heavily relies on attachments to reach its full potential, which can be challenging to acquire in the early stages of a match. Despite these limitations, the M416 remains a popular choice among players due to its balanced combination of power and control.

While the AKM boasts superior power rating, range, and stability, it falls behind the M416 in terms of firing rate. The M416 excels in dealing damage per second, but it requires an extra bullet to defeat enemies equipped with Level 2 armor.

Armed with this knowledge of the AKM and M416’s statistics, players can now make an informed decision based on their current game stage and play style. Choosing the weapon that best suits your needs will significantly increase your chances of securing the win.