All Available Maps and Game Modes in Brawl Stars Season 20

The Brawl Stars Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch was released on 11th September and the community is busy trying out all the new features and changes introduced alongside it.

One significant alteration was that the number of available game mode slots at any particular time has been reduced from six to four for the time being. This means that the change might not be permanent and could see a return at a later stage.

Here is a complete list describing all available game modes and maps in Brawl Stars Season 20: Back to Ranger Ranch.

Brawl Stars Season 20: All Maps and Game Modes

There were a few things that the developers pointed out due to which the overall slots were being reduced and certain game modes being phased out.

  • Control Game Mode not being remotely as popular as others.

  • Match making times being inconsistent due to scattering of the player base especially for high trophy players.

Each of the available four slots will consist of the following game modes and maps.

  • Total Maps: 8 Maps Available

  • Enabled Maps: Dried Up River, Dark Passage

  • Disabled Maps: Double Trouble, Scorched Stone

  • Total Maps: 8 Maps Available

  • Enabled Maps: Stepping Stone, Penalty Kick

  • Disabled Maps: Beach Ball, Center Stage

Gem Grab

  • Total Maps: 7 Maps Available

  • Enabled Maps: Last Stop

  • Disabled Maps: Gem Fort, Rustic Arcade, Deathcap Trap, Undermine, Minecart Madness


  • Total Maps: 4 Maps Available

  • Enabled Maps: None

  • Disabled Maps: Flowing Springs, Deep End, Healthy Middle Ground, X Marks The Spot


  • Total Maps: 4 Maps Available

  • Enabled Maps: Layer Bake

  • Disabled Maps: Layer Cake, Dry Season, Snake Prairie, Hideout, Canal Grande


  • Total Maps: 4 Maps Available

  • Enabled Maps: Bot Drop, Some Assembly Required, Nuts & Bolts, Factory Rush

  • Disabled Maps: None

A few game modes that have been removed will still be available but only in custom lobbies.


  • Total Maps: 4

  • Available Maps: Shooting Star, Layer Cake, Canal Grande, Dry Season


  • Total Maps: 4

  • Available Maps: Hot Potato, Kaboom Canyon, Safe Zone, Pit Stop

Hot Zone

  • Total Maps: 4

  • Available Maps: Open Business, Ring of Fire, Dueling Beetles, Split

For the more serious players who like to grind ranked matches as part of Power League or Club League.


Brawl Ball

Gem Grab


Last but not the least, some of the map environment changes that have been introduced and a few that have been replaced are as follows,

  • Ranger Ranch

  • Robot Factory

  • Robot Factory Showdown

  • Ghost Station

  • Scrapyard

  • Darryl’s Ship

  • Velocirapids

  • Rumble Jungle

Now that you know which game modes and maps will be available in Brawl Stars Season 20 for both casual and hard core players who are only interested in grinding ranked matches.

It will be easier for you to know what to play and expect going into a game. The response to these changes have been mixed and developers will be analyzing everything before taking a decision whether to revert any changes or proceed like this.

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