All Patterns for Sanrio x MLBB Bingo Event

The Sanrio x MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) collaboration event rerun has captivated fans with its cute and adorable skin series featuring the heroes Floryn, Angela, Chang’e, and Claude. While players may think the numbers they get in the Sanrio x MLBB Bingo events are randomized, many fan theories suggest that all the numbers are predetermined based on the first number you rolled. This has been tested by leakers and other players since the first iteration of the event. Here is a guide on all the possible patterns for the Sanrio x MLBB Bingo minigame.

All Sanrio x MLBB patterns for bingo event

According to the leaker, , here are all the Sanrio x MLBB patterns for the bingo event;

  • 1-2-8-6-3

  • 1-4-2-8-6-3

  • 2-7-8-4-9

  • 3-5-1-4-7

  • 3-5-2-7

  • 3-9-2-5-4-1

  • 4-3-6-5

  • 4-5-3-9-6

  • 4-5-8-9-3-2

  • 5-7-2-9-8

  • 5-8-7-9

  • 6-3-5-8-1-4

  • 6-4-1-3-2

  • 7-9-2-3-1

  • 8-2-6-5

  • 8-5-4-9-2

  • 8-7-5-6-1-2

  • 9-2-1-4-7

How to read the Sanrio x MLBB patterns for bingo event

The pattern is determined by your first number roll in the Sanrio x MLBB patterns for the bingo event. For example, if you drew the number 7 on your first x10 pull, then your next number would be 9 followed by 2, 3, and 1 before you will get a bingo line and claim a random Epic tier or higher skin.

Keep in mind that players can only get a bingo number after every 10 pulls from the Sanrio x MLBB collaboration event. The Bingo event shall prioritize limited-edition skins when a player completes a bingo line. This means you are guaranteed to win one of the featured skins in the event if you don’t own all of them yet. Otherwise, you will simply win one Epic tier or higher skin from the prize pool.

Keep in mind that Moonton is yet to officially confirm whether the Sanrio x MLBB patterns for the bingo event are legit or not. Fans should take this information with a grain of salt.