Alter Ego Releases LeoMurphy From Its Mobile Legends Roster

Alter Ego, a renowned name in the Indonesian Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) esports scene, has officially bid farewell to its star roamer Julian “LeoMurphy” Murphy. This announcement came shortly after the acquisition of Gustian “R E K T,” the former roamer of EVOS Legends. LeoMurphy has been a prominent and longstanding member of Alter Ego. However, his notoriety within the Mobile Legends community stemmed from his habit of taunting enemies by spamming Recall animations, earning him the title of the “TP God.” It remains to be seen whether LeoMurphy will join a new team for the upcoming Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 12 or opt to skip this season altogether.

LeoMurphy officially leaves Alter Ego’s MLBB roster

Through a video posted on the official YouTube channel of Alter Ego, it was revealed that one of its veteran players has decided to “temporarily” leave the team.

“This time we have to temporarily part ways with LeoMurphy, goodluck on the new team for Uncle Leo :),” captioned the video.

Although Alter Ego asserts that LeoMurphy’s departure from the MLBB roster is temporary, the exact timeline for his return to the squad remains uncertain. It presents a challenge for the team, given that the MPL ID Season 12 roster already consists of two roamers. Introducing an additional roamer into the mix could potentially strain the team dynamics and coordination.

Alter Ego previously announced its full roster for the upcoming MPL ID Season 12. Fans were surprised as the roster featured the former EVOS Legends pro player R E K T who previously .

The full roster of Alter Ego in the MPL ID Season 12 is as follows;

  • Rafly “Pai” Sudrajat

  • Eldin “Celiboy” Putra

  • Muhammad “Udil” Ardiansyah

  • Syauki “Nino” Sumarno

  • Rasya “Rasy” Wisita 

  • Michael “Variety” Tjandra

  • Gustian “R E K T

  • Azam “Nafari” Nafari – Head Coach

  • Ilyas “Caesius” Rahmanda – Assisstant Coach

  • Arasy “Arss” Zamanullail – Analyst

It will be interesting to see if LeoMurphy will compete under a rival team in the upcoming MPL ID Season 12 or skip this season and take a break from Mobile Legends esports.