Aman Might Make a Comeback in BGMI Esports


Former Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) professional player and S8UL Esports’ content creator Aman “Aman” Jain recently hinted that he might make a comeback in BGMI esports. Previously, he had stated that he may start playing BGMI esports or at least try to. Recently, he confirmed that he would begin playing BGMI scrims once they were allowed by Krafton. He added that, as per his knowledge, playing scrims was not allowed, and players were playing despite knowing this. Although he tried to enquire about it, he was unsuccessful.

Aman states he will start playing BGMI scrims soon

Aman recently resumed playing BGMI classic matches after a long hiatus due to the game’s unavailability. While playing the game in a previous livestream, a viewer asked him if he would get to see him dominating in BGMI esports again. Responding to this, . Although he did not say with absolute certainty that he would start, he said he would at least try.

In a recent livestream, a viewer told Aman that BGMI scrims have started again after a short hiatus as Krafton warned third-party tournament organizers not to host tournaments. Responding to this, Aman claimed that playing scrims was not allowed, and the players playing scrims were playing despite knowing this. He added that S8UL Esports’ co-owners Lokesh “Goldy” Jain and Animesh “Thug” Agarwal would be the first ones in the organization to get notified about it. “When Goldy Bhai and Thug come to know that scrims are allowed to be played, then I will start playing on stream,” he added.

“I am in all (WhatsApp) groups, from Team SouL’s group to S8UL Esports’ group. When it is allowed to play scrims, we will get a simple message in those groups. After that, I will start playing,” he added. “If it is allowed, and they have some internal news, then that’s a different thing. I will ask Hector myself. There might be some internal news that they are allowed to play scrims.”

Aman stated that sometimes playing scrims is not allowed, but the players still play the game, which causes problems. He added that Team SouL’s players had done similar things in the past and were scolded for it. “I don’t want to be among them, so I am being careful. If it is allowed, I will play; if not, then I won’t,” he added.

Following this, Aman called Team SouL’s Hector to enquire whether the players were allowed to play scrims or not. Although the conversation on the call was not audible, it appeared that Hector claimed that players were allowed to play scrims. It is important to note that it is still not confirmed whether players are allowed to play scrims or not.

It is also still unclear whether tournament organizers are allowed to host third-party tournaments and scrims. If it is allowed, it will be exciting to see seasoned players like Aman get back into the BGMI competitive scene.

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