Amber Heard Once Brought The Internet On Its Knees, Going B*aless Showcasing Her Bare Cleav*ge Rolling up Her Sleeves, Eminating Boss Babe Vibes

Amber Heard Once Brought Her Fans On Their Knees Showcasing Her Bare Cleav*ge As She Rolled up Her Sleeves Eminating Boss Babe Vibes
Amber Heard Once Brought Her Fans On Their Knees Showcasing Her Bare Cleav*ge As She Rolled up Her Sleeves Eminating Boss Babe Vibes
Throwback Picture Of Amber Heard Showcasing Her Toned Belly(Photo Credit –)

Last year was an eventful one for people who are into celebrity gossip as Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial crashed the internet during its course. But stepping aside from that negativity, let’s focus on the beauty that Amber Heard is. She is undeniably one of the most gorgeous women across the globe. Even scientific studies have proved that she has a perfect face, and who are we to argue that? She just needs to give a glance to bewitch us and make us her follower, who would follow her to death probably. [Just Kidding] Today, we brought you a throwback picture of Heard that will make you stop and think about her for a moment, at least or more than that even!

Amber has millions of followers online, and her red carpet-looks are to die for. However, her photoshoots emanate a different kind of hotness, and the actress owns every clothing she wears. Check out this throwback picture of hers to believe it yourself.

As mentioned earlier, Amber has millions of followers on social media, and the picture we brought you today has been shared by one of them on . The user account goes by the name, ‘Mera my Queen’. For the record, that is her character’s name from the DCU film Aquaman. The throwback picture we discuss shows Amber Heard wearing a black blazer and pants. Yeah, that’s it. That is all she’s wearing in it.

Amber Heard went topless and br*less for this look, showcasing her toned belly and s*xy cleav*ge. The makeup had been done keeping in tone with the attire. The shades of brown ruled her makeup palette for his sensuous look. She had full coverage and well-bronzed makeup on. Her cheeks were finely contoured with soft smokey eye detail. For lipstick, Amber chose to wear a rusty brown shade with a copper-ish vibe. Heard’s hair was brushed back but somewhat unkempt, and the stylist ensured it didn’t block the view of her gorgeous face.

For accessories, Amber wore a stud earring which looks pretty huge and another small stud above that. Apart from that, she didn’t have any jewellery on her. As Amber Heard looked at the frame with her intoxicating gaze while rolling up those damned sleeves, many of her fans gasped for breath.

What are your thoughts on this boss-bit*h throwback look of hers? Let us know in the comments.

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