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AMD RDNA 3 GPUs Likely Spotted Before Its Unveiling on November 3; Here Is How to Watch the Livestream and More


Fans didn’t have to wait until the long-awaited AMD RDNA 3 event that’s taking place tomorrow to see the next generation of GPUs from the company thanks to new leaks of the card’s reference samples.

The rumored leaks that have surfaced on the Internet, showcase the 7000 series of AMD Radeon RX graphic cards, which will employ the new RDNA 3 architecture. These cards were meant to be unveiled tomorrow at the RDNA 3 event, which will provide details on how these GPUs will perform in comparison to its competitors in NVIDIA.

Judging by the look of the AMD GPUs, potential customers will see how the new cards are slightly larger in size compared to the previous generation of graphic cards. Moreover, these cards will be using 8-pin power connectors compared to the 12-pin behemoths with the NVIDIA RTX 40-series.

More details about the leaked AMD GPUs will arrive tomorrow with the livestream event “together we advance_gaming.” The launch event will take place tomorrow at 1 PM PDT/ 4 PM EST/ 8 PM GMT, and it will be livestreamed on the official AMD launch event.

In a press release from AMD, the company has confirmed to delve deeper into the next generation of AMD Radeon graphic cards, which will feature the new AMD RDNA 3 architecture that “will deliver new levels of performance, efficiency and functionality to gamers and content creators.”

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