Amit Shares His Opinion on Shifting BGMI Lineup of Team SouL to Dubai

Amit Shares His Opinion on Shifting BGMI Lineup of Team SouL to Dubai

It has been more than nine months since Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was banned by the Indian Government and there seems to be no update about when it might return.

This has forced many organizations and players to seriously reconsider their next steps. While some athletes have already switched over to other available mobile titles like New State Mobile, there have been murmurs about GodLike Esports considering moving its BGMI roster to Dubai.

Immediately after, Amit “Amit” Dubey – Coach of Team SouL, during a recent livestream session was asked a question by one of his viewers enquiring about whether the organization was also thinking about moving overseas with its roster.

Amit reveals whether Team SouL is moving out of India to continue competing or not

Team SouL has kept its BGMI lineup intact even though the players are not getting any salary at this point in time. With concern surrounding the game’s uncertain return witnessing a sharp incline in the past week, players and organizations have started taking adequate steps to ensure their stability.

During a recent livestream, Amit was confronted by one of his viewers who asked him, “Why are you guys not going international if there is no hope for BGMI?”

This question was in response to a statement made by Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude – Owner of GodLike Esports, about them seriously considering shifting their BGMI team to Dubai with an aim to re-enter competitive PUBG Mobile.

Entertaining this question, Amit reasoned that it makes absolutely no sense to invest so much money and resources without the guarantee of making any return on it. Moreover, he is neither the owner of the organization nor its manager to comment on behalf of them.

“I have no answer when it comes to the ‘why?’ part of your question. You know whom to ask this question. How will I answer all these things? Who should be taken in the organization, what should be done with the organization, and how should the organization be run? I’m not the owner, so how will I be able to tell you guys all these things?” reasoned Amit.

He further added that, in case you have the necessary money and are ready to sponsor the lineup, then they could reach out to him because he is very much interested in it.

“If you are ready to sponsor everything from salary, visa, bootcamp, and more in any region of the world, do tell me,” said Amit, revealing that the expenses would be in crores (INR), “Internationally, a crore will be spent in just three to four months. Overseas things are not cheap as is the case in India.”

Amit also spoke about the possible roster changes that might take place in Team SouL, in case they shifted abroad. He reasoned that the current players would apparently not be willing to compete in PUBG Mobile and hence international players could be signed.

He concluded by saying that the decision to go international would require a lot of investment and did not make any sense, “I have a little doubt that any organization from India would be able to do it. Maybe some organization might do it in the future, but India has around 30 to 35 tier-one organizations and I doubt if even two organizations would be able to afford moving internationally.”


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