Amouranth invests in a $7m inflatable pool toy company

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Amouranth invests in a $7m inflatable pool toy company: Controversial and sensational Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa comes up with some big news for her fans. The already renowned star plays her investment cards with quite the brain. She revealed her latest significant investment of $7m in an inflatable pool toy company.

The most-watched female content creator for the year 2021 on Twitch has made her name across multiple entertainment platforms ranging from cosplays, hot tub metas, ASRM streams to collaborative videos. In a recent interview with Vice Amouranth disclosed her monthly earning to a crazy amount of $1.5m. She isn’t just limited to streaming but is also an OF model.

The playboy bunny has time and again revealed her likeness towards streaming, but she has a structured approach to expanding and securing her finances. She has reiterated her dream to establish an animal ranch which motivates her to work hard and earn enough. Kaitlyn took to Twitter to announce her new investment adding further details with it.

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Amouranth invests in a $7m inflatable pool toy company; Check all details about the investment

Amouranth invests in a $7m inflatable pool toy company; Check all details about the investment

Amouranth likes keeping her fans updated about her business ventures and gives out information relating to the same. It is no secret that the streamer has a couple of rewarding investments set in motion. The 28-year-old entrepreneur has used her earnings on Twitch and OF to make a series of huge outlays, including buying a $4m gas station, a 7-Eleven location, and even investing $1M into Visa stock for a birthday gift to herself.

Amouranth is credited with kickstarting the controversial yet innovative hot tub meta streams, which she enjoys a lot. Well, having used toys a lot during streams, she must have been encouraged to invest in an inflatable pool toy company. In her tweets, she revealed the data about the annual revenue of the company she has invested in. “I have committed to funding $7,000,000 worth of capital calls over 7 years. This would be the 3rd such company in 2 years that we’ve purchased,” she added


Amourath has surely secured her finances and looks forward to achieving more success in her streaming career despite the hate she receives. Well, her fans are eager for more exciting content this year.

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