Andrew Garfield Once Revealed He Intentionally Whispered ‘Lawyer Up A**hole’ In The Social Network: “I Wanted It To Be Lodged In His F*cking Soul”


Andrew Garfield Talks About Scene From The Social Network

Andrew Garfield Once Talked About ‘Lawyer Up A**hole’ In The Social Network ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

The Social Network featured some of the most talented actors from Hollywood, and Andrew Garfield was one of them. The actor played the role of Eduardo Saverin, one of the founding members of the social media giant . While his performance was widely applauded by the audiences, it was also rumoured that Academy Awards reportedly investigated why he was not selected for the nominations under the best supporting actor category.

Since its release in 2010, The Social Network’s legacy has grown as the social media giant has grown over the previous years. Among many iconic scenes from the movie, The Social Network, Garfield’s “lawyer up a**hole” scene is one of the most memorable. Read on ahead to find out what the actor had to say about his scene from the movie.

Andrew Garfield revealed that the scene took around 40 retakes to film. In a conversation with Buzzfeed, the actor revealed it was his idea to whisper the line instead of saying it in a normal voice or even yelling it. While completing the brawl scene of the movie, Garfield found it incredibly rewarding and said, “I felt very gratified. Leaving it all in the field. That was a beautiful day. I loved it.”

Later, the actor revealed he did many different takes, which made him change up the delivery of his iconic “lawyer up a**hole” lines. He believed saying it in a low tone would be more effective instead of yelling it. “The cool thing about that movie [is that] my love [for] Jesse Eisenberg and the relationship we created for that film meant that I wanted that line to hurt more than if I [had] shouted it. I wanted it to be lodged in his f*cking soul,” said Andrew Garfield.

Not to forget another iconic dialogue when Andrew Garfield said, “I’m not coming back for 30%. I’m coming back for everything.” The movie was indeed very special because of the performances of the star cast!

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