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Android 12 Developer Preview 3 literally cuts corners

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 literally cuts corners

Android is in for a huge design overhaul with version 12, and while many changes are still hidden, things are starting to come together in Android 12 Developer Preview 3, released yesterday. It enables the new thumb-friendly “silky home” by default for settings and adds smoother overflow animations across the OS, but there are also a few smaller design tweaks rounding everything out.

android 12 dp2 recents android 12 dp3 recents

Left: Developer Preview 2. Right: Developer Preview 3.

The changes can be seen across all of the OS. When you pull up the app drawer on your homescreen, you’ll notice rounder corners at the top as you move up the panel. Similarly, app previews in the multitasking overview also come with much rounder corners. The volume slider is in for an even more significant redesign, much like a redone brightness slider that popped up in a previous developer preview. It’s now a rounded vertical pill, filled with your accent color depicting the current volume level. The live transcribe button below it is still stuck with the old square-ish design, so it looks like the menu is a work in progress and still up for change. Pop-up windows have also received the rounded corner makeover.

android 12 dp2 app drawer android 12 dp3 app drawer

Left: Developer Preview 2. Right: Developer Preview 3.

Screenshot 20210421 173809 Screenshot 20210421 173820

Android 12 has also introduced a few more changes compared to previous OS versions. Homescreen folders come with rounded corners, and the long-press menu has been reworked in a similar fashion. Text selection and context menus also come in the form of rounded pills now, making clear that Google is moving to unify the look of its OS even further.

android 12 dp2 volume android 12 dp3 volume

Left: Developer Preview 2. Right: Developer Preview 3.

It’s possible that some of these interface tweaks aren’t finalized just yet, so we might see even more visual changes once the first beta launches at Google I/O next month.

Smaller tweaks to Android 12.

For more about Android 12, check out our ongoing series coverage here, or bookmark our regularly updated changelog and check back in later. If you want to install the developer preview on your own device, find out how in our Android 12 download guide.

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