Animal Crossing: How to make a bridge

Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives players plenty to do. After all, it is a social simulator that mirrors life. Life doesn’t afford a lot of down time, and neither does Animal Crossing. Players often have things they can work on or events they can attend. Improving the island is something that often needs doing.

Some areas on the island are blocked by waterways, so improving intra-island travel is a must. Building bridges is the best way to do that. Players seem to really enjoy building bridges in Animal Crossing. Bridges have been a fan favorite item in the game.

With that being said, not everyone knows how to build a bridge. Some players are missing out on areas of their island because they can’t cross over.

How to build bridges in Animal Crossing

Bridges are not cheap in Animal Crossing. Utilizing and improving this aspect of an island is going to cost players.

Here are the types and their costs:

  • Log Bridge – 98,000
  • Suspension Bridge – 129,800
  • Wooden Bridge – 168,000
  • Stone Bridge – 168,000
  • Brick Bridge – 198,000
  • Zen Bridge – 228,000
  • Iron Bridge – 228,000
  • Red Zen Bridge – 228,000

Fortunately, there are ways to easily make bells in Animal Crossing. Players will need to buy bridges rather than craft or build them.

Bridges connect land over water. Image via Super Parent
Bridges connect land over water. Image via Super Parent

However, purchasing the bridge isn’t the end of the expenses. Someone has to build the bridge, and they will appear next to where players have chosen to place it. Speaking to them will allow Animal Crossing players to donate to the construction of the bridge. Giving them the full amount will complete the project.

Players cannot build bridges until they have invited three people to live on the island. Once that happens, Tom Nook will call and inform players of the need for a bridge. The first bridge will require the materials indicated in Nook’s Bridge Construction Kit.

  • Four Log Stakes
  • Four Clay
  • Four Stone
A beginning bridge. Image via Inverse
A beginning bridge. Image via Inverse

Other residents will donate to the construction of the bridge, but they do it slowly. Donating all of the bells is the best and quickest way of getting a bridge on the island. After that, players are free to build whatever bridges they pay for.

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