Ankush ff uid Id, Stats, Subscribers, etc

Ankush ff id

Ankush ff uid Ankush Free Fire: With the rise of Esports mobile gaming and computer, gaming has become billions of dollar industry in the last 4-5 years. As per some financial reports, E sporting has become one of the fastest growing industries of 2021. Due to the rise of mobile gaming E-sport is having thousands of new players every day.

Different games on the computer, as well as mobile, have become a new ground for sports. Android and iOS have provided He very well-optimized platform for companies Like free fire to build online multiplayer games. And from these games, Many people have become famous for showing their skills and ability on these games. Ankush ff is one of those chosen ones. Ankush Free Fire is a Youtube who shows his Free fire skills and entertains others.

Free Fire is the Number 1 action game in the android app store. Where you play against online Players and whoever survives till the end is declared the winner of the game. It is a Survival game and you can choose your landing Place by jumping from a plane with a parachute. In order to survive, you have to stay in a Safe zone and you can use the vehicle for transportation. 

All the players can find different kinds of virtual weapons in order to survive the game. They can use these virtual weapons in order to eliminate the opponent. Each gameplay is 10 minutes long and you can play with your friends as a team.

What is the Ankush ff ID number? | Ankush ff uid

As the popularity of Anksuh free fire is increasing day by day people have started to look for Ankush Free Fire ID to become his Friend in the game. Everybody who is following his journey words to become friends with him in the game free fire. because they want to play with him and enjoy the gameplay as a team member.

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Ankush ff uid

Ankush Free Fire Is the number one reason many people have started playing the free fire mobile game. His gameplay in the game free fire attracted many people after he started streaming his gameplay on YouTube also. 

Ankush Free Fire ID number is “241375963”. 

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What is the Free Fire ID number?

ID number in any Online multiplayer game or any other digital application is a unique code assigned to every user of the game or digital application. Dis ID number is unique to every player and it is assigned automatically by the system whenever to add new person sign-up. unique ID number helps the system save the data like gameplay statistics, and interface settings. so that whenever you start your game it will be how you saved last time. 

And if you lost your device or change the device you can easily go to a new device and login into your account this unique ID will then sync all the data. And your saved stats and gameplay including settings will be there. Unique ID saves all the data on the server of the company so whenever you need it, it will fetch it from the server.

The free Fire ID number is also the Same, with the help of the free fire ID number you can save all the data on the server of free fire. other than that it also helps you find your friends and add them to the game in order to play with them. Similarly, if you use Anksuh free fire ID number you will be able to find Ankush in the free fire gameplay and add him as your friend. Other benefits like playing alongside him, and chatting with him will also come with it.

What are the Ankush Free Fire stats?

As we have already told you that Ankush is one of the best players in the whole community of free fire game. His gameplay not just attracted fans but also many other famous YouTubers and Esport players to collaborate with him. The stats of Ankush in the game Free Fire are very impressive. He is one of the top players in the whole Free Fire game. Ankush Free fire stats made him a star player and a famous Indian content creator.

What are the Stats?

Stats really stand for statistics and it is highly used in any kind of competitive field, not just sports. stats our data all for persons previous performance in the same field or category. in the gaming world no matter whether it’s E-sport or regular traditional support. You will see the stats of different things like Player performance, Player not performance, Ground Winning stats, etc.

If we talk about the stats in gameplay, It is mostly the performance of the player according to the nature of the game. In a multiplayer game such as a free fire where you Have to eliminate your opponent in order to win the match.

In those types of games, your stats include your elimination ratio in that specific. And a number of games number as a Solo, Duo even Team formation. Your winning games represent a section in the game. Your overall performance also makes a huge impact and shows how you perform and data includes such as tactical, survival, and exploration.

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What is the importance of Stats?

data is the gold in any Internet-related service it could be a game, it could be advertising. If you have data Your success chances are higher than any other person who is not using data.

And in the gameplay, your stats show how well you perform in different scenarios. These Stats also show how good of a player you are and what your strengths are etc. Because in team gameplay you need a different type of players in your team in order to get success. One player could be a sniper who can eliminate an opponent from a long range. And one could be a tactical expert, who can eliminate opponents in one to one fight.

Other than that you are good stats make an impression only on your opponents and you can use that pressure in order to win the games. Good stats are also very beneficial when you want to boast in front of your friends.

Stats of Ankush ff uid

In the free-fire Android game, a very famous player named Ankush and very impressive stats. And Ankush Free Fire stats are at one of the tops. Let’s take a look at these stats.

As you can see in his lifetime stats we have included all three types of data such as Solo, Duo as well as squad.

As a solo Ankush free fire has played 920 games and in those 920 games he has won 122 games. While in those 920 games he also eliminated 2561 players as a solo. This is a very big deal and that means he eliminated 2.7 players in every game.

In a Duo gameplay where 2 players play along with each other Ankush has Eliminated 11,550 players in 3086 games. And in those 3086 games, he was successfully able to win 1236 games. That means in every game he was successfully able to eliminate 3.7 players each time he played a game.

And in the squad game where four play the game together alongside each other as a teammate. ankush has played 21952 games. And in these 21,952 games, he was successfully able to eliminate 80,271 players. His K/D comes around 3.7 player elimination in every game.

Ankush Free Fire Subscribers rank

After getting proficient in free fire gameplay, Ankush Free Fire Started his own YouTube channel. and he named his channel alpha free fire. currently, he is one of the top YouTubers in India and has around 5.18 million subscribers from all over the world. On his YouTube channel Ankush free fire uploads videos of his gameplay in the free fire. Along with that he also does live streaming of himself playing the game in front of viewers.

 Ankush started his channel on the 19th of September 2019 and till now he has uploaded more than 550 videos including gameplays and live streaming. With his exceptional gameplay and good voiceover commentary, he had gained around 4,000,000 subscribers in just eight to nine months.

People who love good free fire gameplay watch his videos of him playing free fire on a daily basis. Ankush Fee Fire subscribers are increasing day by day. And his average views on the video on every video are also at its highest.

Ankush Free Fire earnings

With the popularity of Ankush’s free fire, his earnings and Net worth have also Increased to a new high level. As per the Youtube Stats Ankush’s free fire earning is around $1000 per day. In a month as per the YouTube earning estimation Ankush Free fire’s earnings are around 33,000 US dollars. In Indian Currency it’s around 24 lac rupees.

Other than the YouTube earnings Ankush free fire also earns from brand endorsements. By estimation, Ankush earns around 2 lac rupee per brand endorsement.

Ankush’s free fire YouTube channel also gets Super chat earning whenever he comes for live gameplay of the game free fire. In a rough estimation, we can conclude that ankush-free fire is earning more than 40 Lac rupees in a month. Which will include all of his YouTube earnings, brand endorsement, and super chats.


Even though we have covered so much about Ankush Free fire in this article such as Ankush Free Fire Id, Ankush Free Fire Subscribers, and Ankush Free Fire Earning And if you think we have missed anything regarding English 3 fire you can always leave a comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.