Announcing AFK Gaming’s BGMI Team Rankings

Announcing AFK Gaming's BGMI Team Rankings


In the dynamic world of Indian esports, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) stands out not just as a popular game but as a cultural phenomenon. , this game has become a cornerstone of the rapidly evolving esports landscape in India. This evolution is notably marked by the rise of teams such as S8UL Esports, GodLike Esports, and Team XSpark, who have garnered substantial fan following and media attention.

However, the landscape of Indian esports is not solely defined by these esports behemoths. Emerging talents like Gladiators Esports and Big Brother Esports are challenging the status quo, showcasing their skills in prestigious tournaments like the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 and the BGMI Masters Series Season 2.

Despite the successes and growing popularity of BGMI, the esports scene in India faces its share of challenges, particularly in the tournament selection process. There’s a prevailing trend where popularity can overshadow skill and performance, leading to a selection bias that favors well-known teams. This issue has stirred discontent among many promising teams who feel overlooked.

Recognizing this gap, AFK Gaming introduces the BGMI Team Rankings, an initiative aimed at bringing a more structured approach to evaluating team and player performance in Indian esports.

Check out the latest rankings on the official AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings page.

How Does AFK Gaming’s Ranking System for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Work

Since , AFK Gaming has been closely monitoring and recording the performance of various esports teams. Our system works by accumulating points for teams based on their performance in each tournament throughout the calendar year. By the end of the year, these points will help identify the top-performing BGMI team in the country.

Given our system goes by the calendar year, it’s important to note that with the start of 2024, we shall reset all points to zero. This will ensure that every team has a fair and equal chance to prove themselves anew. The ranking table you see reflects the scores of each team, based on their recent performances in tournaments

What Factors Influence the Rankings in AFK Gaming’s BGMI System?

The rankings in our BGMI system are influenced by a variety of factors, each playing a significant role in how teams are evaluated. Key considerations include the size of the prize pool, the nature of the event (whether it’s a LAN event or not), and its association with specific organizers like Krafton. While these elements are crucial, there are additional subtle nuances and criteria that also contribute to the overall ranking system.

Why do we need BGMI Team Rankings?

Establishing Performance Standards: The AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings aim to set a benchmark for excellence. This system will not only acknowledge the skills and efforts of players and teams but also provide a clear metric for their achievements.

Boosting Fan Engagement: Rankings offer fans a new way to follow and support their favorite teams and players. This increased interest is anticipated to drive viewership for tournaments and related content.

Storytelling and Narrative Depth: Beyond the statistics, these rankings will highlight the journeys of teams and players, from underdogs to champions. This aspect will add a layer of narrative depth to the BGMI scene, making it more engaging for the audience.

Increased visibility: High rankings are expected to draw sponsor interest, leading to more robust financial support for the players and a healthier esports ecosystem.

In essence, the AFK Gaming BGMI Team Rankings is more than a logistical addition; it’s an attempt to provide fans, teams, and other stakeholders with an equitable, and dynamic ranking system that truly recognizes talent.


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