Apex Legends Mobile Glacial Games event; pricing, spin format, gameplay look and more

Apex Legends: Mobile has amazed the entire mobile gaming community with a quality battle royale experience since its season 0 launch. Although there are still some major bugs hindering the competitive experience, the overall impression of its gameplay is mostly positive. But the skins department is another section where the game has not been very impressive with players complaining about the need of more efficient ways to utilize the in-game currency, Syndicate Gold. Apex Legends Mobile Glacial Games, Loba Skin, Pathfinder Skin, R99 Skin, Apex Legends Mobile Legendary Skins, Glacial Games Spin Cost

However, with the kick-off of the Cold Snap battle pass, the in-game store is also flooded with fresh new items. The latest one to hit the game is Glacial Games which features one of the most alluring skins the title has introduced so far.

Event Rules: Apex Legends Mobile Glacial Games

Glaical Games features a similar lucky spin format Apex Mobile had introduced with the Heat Wave spin last season. But there are some twists this time so here we are here to help you with the costs before you actually spend a fortune on the spin.

Alpine Domination - Loba skin (Image via Apex Legends Mobile)
Alpine Domination – Loba skin (Image via Apex Legends Mobile)

Glacial Games features a pyramid rewards structure, but this time it’s divided into two columns as well. The left column features Loba’s skins and theme while right one features Pathfinder. However, once you make the spin, you’ll see both columns are not divided in any way and once a row is locked during the spin, the rewards may vary across both Loba and Pathfinder rows.

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From the bottom to the top, rewards are presented based on their rarity. Once a reward is claimed, that specific item will get removed from the spin, increasing the odds of landing rare items in the pyramid as the price per spin increases.

Slope Shredder - Pathfinder skin
Slope Shredder – Pathfinder skin (Image via Apex Legends Mobile)


Players need to use up Syndicate Gold for each spin. The first spin costs 45 Syndicate Gold going all the way up to 2300 Syndicate Gold for the final spin. Watch the video below for a better idea and a detailed look at the skins.

Glacial Games List of Rewards:

  • Alpine Domination – Loba skin
  • Slope Shredder – Pathfinder skin
  • Ice Rink – Alternator Skin
  • Big Air – R99 Skin
  • Winter’s Fury – Loba Skin
  • Electrifying Finish – Havoc
  • Ski Jump – Triple Take
  • Diamond Drive – Pathfinder
Big Air - R99 Skin
Big Air – R99 Skin (Image via Apex Legends Mobile)

These are the most lucrative ones in the spin. The list of rewards contains more regular items at the bottom of the pyramid-like character banners and stickers.

The Glacial Games event is live now and will last for 15 days from today. For more rules about the event such as item rarity, tap on the question mark icon at the top left corner of the screen, just beside the event title.


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