Apex Legends Mobile Perks: Everything You Need to Know

Apex Legends Mobile launched across the globe on 17th May 2022 and has some new features which are not present in the PC version of the game like Perks, an exclusive agent, and TPP (Third Person Perspective) gameplay. Apex Legends Mobile added perks that players can unlock and equip to enhance their Legend’s abilities in game. Apex Mobile perks can be unlocked by grinding on a particular Legend and levelling up on them. You can equip upto three perks in any one particular ‘setup’ for a Legend. Here are all the Legend perks included in Apex Legends Mobile and what they do. Note that these perks will only work in the Battle Royale mode.

What are Perks in Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends added a new feature to the mobile version of the game which grants certain enhancements to a Legend’s existing abilities, giving you an edge in combat. Perks are currently divided into General, Finisher and Ability perks. You can see what perks each legend has by going into the ‘Legends’ tab in the main menu, selecting a Legend and tapping ‘Details’. This will take you to the current loadout menu for the legend and show you what perks you have equipped.

Apex Legends Mobile Perks Everything You Need to Know

Navigate to ‘Legends’ and ‘Unlock’ to see your Perk tree.

You can currently unlock a total of nine different perks for any Legend and equip one in each category. General perks are blue, Finisher perks are purple and Ability perks are red.

Apex Legends Mobile Perks Everything You Need to Know

You can tap ‘Setup’ to select from up to three setup options if you’ve reached Legend Mastery Level 10 in Apex Legends Mobile.

You can unlock these perks by playing games using a particular Legend and earning Legend tokens. Along with Perks you can also unlock special rewards like Avatars, frames, badges, charms and Apex Packs when you level up a particular Legend.

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Here is the perk and reward tree for Bloodhound in Apex Legends Mobile. You can also use this menu to change Skins, Banners and other cosmetics.

Bloodhound’s first unlockable General perk is called Hunger and resets the cooldown for Eye of the Allfather when they knock enemies down. Their first Finisher perk is called Battle Adaptation and adds 100 points to your EVO Shield when Bloodhound uses a Finisher move on their enemies. Bloodhound’s first Ability perk is called Unending Bloodlust and increases the duration of your Ultimate after killing enemies.

It’s a good idea to level up multiple agents and unlock at least the first tier of perks. Incase you don’t get to pick your main Legend, you can rely on your backup Legend and will still maintain some competitive edge against your enemies.


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