If you’ve tried to make a big purchase over the last year or so, you’ve probably noticed some severe fluctuations in the market. Thanks to a global chip shortage, everything from cars to gaming consoles are experiencing production issues, and Sonos is the next company to feel its effects.

In an earnings call in August, Sonos told its investors it would be raising prices across nearly its entire product lineup in response to current supply and demand in the market (via The Verge). Those hikes went into effect yesterday, resulting in a more expensive ecosystem of products for anyone trying to increase the number of speakers in their home.

Sonos Arc’s Best Buy listing in July (left) compared to its current listing (right).

The Sonos Arc is receiving the most significant price increase by far. Before this week, you could grab the company’s soundbar for $799, but a quick visit to any retailer’s web store today will reveal a $100 bump in cost. At $899, the Arc is sure to be a much harder buy for home theater enthusiasts as the holiday season approaches. It’s not the only product getting a substantial price hike. The Sonos Five, Sub, and Amp have all increased by $50, with most of the rest of the lineup getting $10 or $20 bumps. Only the Move and Port are keeping their prices unchanged.

Whether you’re a current Sonos user or someone looking to buy into its acclaimed ecosystem, it’s a rough time to be shopping for speakers. The best you can do is hope for a Black Friday sale — and even then, you probably won’t be able to beat those previous (and already expensive) prices.