Apple explores bringing health monitoring to the MacBook Pro


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(Pocket-lint) – Apple is exploring the possibility of adding health tracking features to a future MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, according to a patent filing discovered this week. 

The abstract from the filing uses some highly technical verbiage, so we won’t get into all that, however, the main gist of it would be Apple transplanting the backside of an Apple Watch – the place where all the bodily function sensors lie – and integrating a similar version of it onto the wrist pad area of a future laptop made by the company. 

The patent includes a very basic image demonstrating what that feature may in fact look like, which you can see above. 

While the possibility of this sort of technology making its way onto the upcoming 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros predicted to come this fall are all but nil, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook did stress that the company’s greatest contribution to mankind would be health and fitness related, so perhaps an even greater push into body tracking is in the cards for a far off MacBook revision over the next coming years. 

Apple files a little over one thousand patents per year, and of course not every single feature protected comes to light on a consumer facing product, however, the idea of Apple Watch health tracking coming to products besides the Watch is an intriguing one nonetheless. 

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