Are Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic Really Over? Close Friend Reveals Something Surprising


Rumors about Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic’s troubled marriage have been circulating online. The couple’s lack of joint appearances and the removal of their pictures from social media have fueled speculation about their relationship. Natasa’s absence during Hardik’s victory celebration at the T20I World Cup further raised doubts.

No Signs of Reconciliation?

A report by Times Now quotes a close friend of the couple, who revealed details about their alleged rift. The friend mentioned that Hardik made some mistakes that angered Natasa, and she is not interested in taking him back. The friend hinted that they might even call off their marriage, stating:

“Look, nobody knows what will happen in time to come. But as things stand today, Hardik and Natasa are not patching up. Probably, it’s over.”

Natasa’s Reaction to Krunal Pandya’s Post



Amid reports of discord, Natasa recently liked an emotional post by Krunal Pandya about Hardik’s struggles and dedication to cricket. Krunal’s post celebrated Hardik’s performance at the T-20 World Cup and highlighted the pressure he faced after being mocked during IPL 2024. Natasa’s reaction to the post hinted at a possible light in their marital issues.


Natasa’s Inspirational Social Media Post

On July 6, 2024, Natasa posted a clip on her Instagram stories, interpreting a biblical story about parting the Red Sea. She emphasized that God doesn’t remove problems but makes a way through them, suggesting a positive outlook on facing challenges.

“Just a gentle reminder from me to you again, remember, God didn’t remove the Red Sea. He parted it. Which means he won’t remove a problem out of your life, he will make a way through it.”

Hardik on His Tough Six Months

Following India’s win at the T20 World Cup, Hardik reflected on the difficult six months of his career. He described this period as the toughest and expressed how the victory meant a lot to him, mentioning his efforts to control his emotions during this time:

“Us time pe pora 6 mahine aise laga mere jo 6 mahine gaye hai.. Vo wapas aa gaye. Kya hua kya nahi hua.. Aur mai bahut control kiya. Jab mujhe rona bhi tha, mai nahi roya.”

What are your thoughts on Hardik and Natasa’s situation?


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