Arena Breakout will be launching worldwide on July 14th, Know More

Devs are thrilled to announce that Arena Breakout will be launching worldwide on July 14th! What’s even more exciting is that they have already gathered an incredible community of over 10 million players who have pre-registered for the game across the globe!

Arena Breakout will be launching worldwide on July 14th, Know More

After a long wait, Arena Breakout will officially launch globally on the 14th of July. The soft launch of Arena Breakout took place on June 26 for Brazil and the Philippines players. Devs are excited to see both familiar faces and new players join us in this global launch. Arena Breakout is taking the world by storm, and we can’t wait to see what you all think.

Here are some of the new content and events that will be available at launch:

  • Female characters: Female characters are now available in character creation or via the Customize -> Change Outfit menu.
  • New weapons: Several new weapons will be available at launch, including the M4A1, SCAR-L, and AWM.
  • New events: Several new events will be running at launch, including the Air Drop Incoming, Weekend Rebate, and 7-Day Login Bundle events.
  • Store events: The Buyer’s Market and Weekend Bundle events will also be running at launch.
  • Mission reset times: Missions reset at 05:00 UTC+0 each day.
  • Login methods: You can log in to the game with Google, Facebook, Level Infinite Pass, or as a guest.
  • Version languages: Arena Breakout is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Thai, German, French, and Italian.
  • Returner rewards: Returning players who participated in the global beta can claim exclusive titles and bundles.
  • Map unlocks: The Farm, Valley, Northridge, Farm Lockdown Zone, and Armory maps will be unlocked at levels 1, 8, 11, 14, and 16, respectively.

Devs hope you enjoy the launch of Arena Breakout! If you encounter any issues, please contact customer service or leave feedback on our Discord or other official channels.

Here are some additional notes:

  • If you encounter issues such as overheating or stuttering, try selecting a lower graphics quality and frame rate in the Settings -> Graphics Settings menu.
  • You can view recommended device specifications for Arena Breakout at
  • Devs may make changes to the content or implement interim fixes for critical issues at our discretion. These may include, but are not limited to, server shutdowns and game client changes.

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