Ash and Revenant Coming Soon to Apex Legends Mobile

Ash and Revenant Coming Soon to Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is set to receive major content updates in the near future with Ash and Revenant set to join the cast. The next content update will not introduce a mobile-exclusive legend. Instead, we will get both the simulacra legends from Apex Legends’ PC and console version of the game. Olympus is also set to be added to the game as the latest map with its own town takeover event. Here is everything you need to know about upcoming updates coming to Apex Legends Mobile Season Three.

Who are Ash and Revenant in Apex Legends Mobile

Both Ash and Revenant have major roles to play in the world of Apex Legends and Titanfall. Ash was one of the antagonists in Titanfall 2 while Revenant is one of the antagonists in the Apex Legends universe.


Born in the Frontier, Dr. Ashleigh Reid learned early that the only person who was going to look out for her was herself. One day, she was hired by a mercenary group for a delicate job: steal an experimental fuel source being researched in the Outlands city of Olympus. It was the perfect job for Reid, who infiltrated and psychologically manipulated the researchers for years but she eventually died in an explosion in her lab.

Her brain was put in a simulacrum shell, but in the process, she lost years of memories, and the trauma of her “death” caused her personality to fracture. Leigh’s personality breaks through the persona of Ash from time to time and Leigh just might be able to break free and return to her former psychological self.

Ash is a mix of an offensive legend and a recon character. While she is not a part of the Recon class, she can mark dead enemies and hunt down survivors of fights.


Revenant used to be the best hitman the Mercenary Syndicate ever had. After his death, his masters resurrected him as a simulacrum, snatching him from death’s embrace and making him nothing but a tool who can be used.

He swore he would hunt down every last person who did this to him and found himself in the Apex Games, trying to seek answers. Revenant is an offensive legend capable of silencing abilities, scaling large structures and pushing into enemies with his Death Totem, which essentially grants him and his teammates a second life for a brief period of time.

There is no official release date for Ash and Revenant’s release but we might get more information from Respawn Entertainment in the coming weeks. The kits of both legends are expected to remain unchanged but they will be receiving additional abilities to fit the Apex Legends Mobile gameplay design.


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