Assassin Dave Denies Allegations of Him Trying to Kick BTK Out of MSC 2023

Assassin Dave Denies Allegations of Him Trying to Kick BTK Out of MSC 2023

North American (NA) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang streamer and shoutcaster, David “Assassin Dave” Mao, responded to allegations surrounding his involvement in attempting to replace BloodThirstyKings (BTK) with Outplay as the contender in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023.

Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun claimed that Assassin Dave sought to substitute his team with Outplay, the runner up for the North America Challenger Tournament (NACT) Spring 2023, due to . Denying these allegations, Assassin Dave expressed the detrimental impact this issue has had on his personal reputation and his company.

MobaZane has officially confirmed that BloodThirstyKings was given the option to revamp its roster in preparation for the MSC 2023. 

MobaZane claims Assassin Dave tried to replace BTK with Outplay as representative for MSC 2023

During a livestream, MobaZane exposed Assassin Dave’s alleged attempts to manipulate the selection process for the MSC 2023, aiming to remove BTK and replace the team with Outplay as the NA representative.

MobaZane claimed that Assassin Dave may have been financially influenced by Outplay. “I literally think Dave was paid off by OP [Outplay]. Because Dave literally is trying to get them to go,” he said. “Dave is the biggest snake ever, man.”

MobaZane recounted an incident where Assassin Dave sent him a message discussing the potential replacement of BTK by Outplay for MSC 2023. Outraged, MobaZane confronted Dave in his hotel room, but Dave provided no satisfactory explanation. “So I came banging on his hotel room, I’m obviously pissed that he sends me that, and then he goes to bed,” the BTK captain explained. “So, Dave goes on the phone, he’s like ‘let me see what I can do,’ he starts speaking Chinese for two hours, doesn’t tell me a thing.” 

MobaZane thinks that Dave didn’t put too much effort into helping the squad so the disqualification would happen and Outplay would be sent to replace BTK. “I know Dave didn’t try his hardest, I don’t believe so,” he said.

According to MobaZane, the deadline for the final roster submission for the MSC 2023 coincided with the grand finals day of NACT 2023. This added pressure on the crowned champions as two of their players faced travel restrictions, making them unable to compete.

Assassin Dave Addresses Allegations and Defends Reputation in YouTube Response

In a YouTube short video, Assassin Dave responded to the recent allegations that have been circulating about him. While he chose not to mention any specific streamers or influencers who made the claims, he acknowledged the existence of “irresponsible” and “completely false information” by “some streamers” targeting him and his company.

Without divulging names, Dave indicated that the individuals involved were widely known within the community. He expressed frustration over the damage caused to his reputation and his company as a result of these allegations.

Dave revealed that he had been subjected to ongoing harassment due to the false narrative that was being pushed, seemingly with a particular agenda in mind. “I received harassment by the minute because of this false narrative, because of the message they tried to push to achieve a specific goal,” Dave said.

He assured his audience that the truth would eventually emerge and emphasized the importance of online responsibility. Despite the challenges he faced, Dave expressed gratitude towards those who continued to believe in him amidst the allegations.


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