Atari Acquires Intellivision Brand And Games

Atari Acquires Intellivision Brand And Games

In a new post on Twitter/X today, Atari announced that it has officially acquired the Intellivision “brand and game library.”

Atari CEO Wade Rosen added that the acquisition is a “rare opportunity to unite former competitors.” Rosen also says it can “bring together fans of the golden age of gaming.” Intellivision will rebrand, but it will still continue distributing the Amico console.

In a wide press release, Atari elaborated on the acquisition. Atari plans to “expand digital and physical distribution of legacy Intellivision games” and “potentially create new games.”

Fans will likely recognize Intellivision for its classic arcade titles, such as the home port of BurgerTime. Notably, Atari only purchased “certain games,” and did not identify the titles involved. Atari will surely reveal more, and is already selling merchandise with Intellivision T-shirts.

In today’s press release, Atari also confirmed it will “explore brand and licensing opportunities.”

Intellivision Entertainment CEO Phil Adam expressed trust in Atari regarding its brand. Adam also said that Intellivision looks forward to an “expanded collaboration,” including “a broad array of new Atari and Intellivision titles.”

Late last April, Atari also decided to revive Infogrames as a publishing label. The move intends to gain IP and publish games outside of Atari’s core portfolio of games. Accordingly, Infogrames even purchased Totally Reliable Delivery Services from tinyBuild.

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