Attaining True Managed Risk Visibility From On-Prem To The Cloud

A solution for smaller teams, tight timelines and tight budgets

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Without true visibility, cyber security executives simply cannot defend the organization. Having a consistent assessment of cyber risks in your environment which includes Cloud, Endpoints, Network and even users provides that true visibility and allows cyber security executives to effectively manage risks.

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Not all risks are created equal. Classifying the assets in an environment nets the ability measure risk against your assets. Prioritizing systems that are critical to the environment and/or that have PII or PHI data is mandatory. Gaining the ability to dive into particular risks to not only identify the status of a vulnerability but to attain step-by-step remediation for a breach in one view ensures better management of enterprise risk. 

This demo showcases the ability to:

  • Classify assets in an environment to measure and manage risk
  • Incorporate the risk associated with users that are a part of a third-party breach
  • Gain easy measurement to be able to benchmark against the industry
  • Track that single composite managed risk score over time

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