Avatar: The Way of Water – Here Is the Total Number of Different Versions the Movie Had for Its Theatrical Release


Avatar: The Way of Water became 2022’s biggest hit, as director James Cameron promised on giving an even bigger jaw-dropping experience for moviegoers.

The film’s success was largely due to its revolutionary visuals, which hooked audiences to the seat. Cameron is known for bringing top-grade visual spectacles in his films, and he didn’t disappoint with his latest outing as well.

Cameron is also known for being meticulous with his productions, as he wants to provide the best possible viewing experience for his audiences. And that ideology paid major dividends, as moviegoers raved about the film’s quality.

To showcase the best possible version to audiences, Cameron and producer Jon Landau made sure to fine-tune the experience for several movie theatres by giving them a version that suits the theaters’ screening technology. And to achieve that, the makers had to many versions of the film, 1065 of them to be exact.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the whopping 1065 deliverables of the film featured several versions for various resolutions including 2K and 4K, different aspect ratios, and high frame rates. Furthermore, the film was released in over 51 languages with subtitles, and 28 more that were dubbed as well. As revealed in the report, the number of deliverables is pretty high for Avatar: The Way of Water, even compared to an average Marvel blockbuster, which has around 500 variants.

The high number of deliverables caused the studios involved to be constantly working leading up to the film’s release in December 2022. Additionally, the studio even quality control reviewed around 800 versions of the film, five days before Avatar 2’s December 16 release.

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