Avengers’ ‘Captain America’ Chris Evans Crying For Peggy On An Arijit Singh’s Sad Song Is Enough To Melt The Internet, Netizens Say “When You Save The World, But It’s Not Yours”

Avengers' 'Captain America' Chris Evans Crying For Peggy
Avengers' 'Captain America' Chris Evans Crying For Peggy
Captain America Crying For Peggy Carter With Arijit Singh’s Sad Song Is What You Need To See(Photo Credit –Still From Movie/)

Captain America, one of the most loved MCU characters, finally got his love as the infinity saga ended. The fandom will admit that Steve Rogers was the captain of the bachelor until he met Peggy Carter and had his final dance making it an utterly wholesome moment. Showing the struggles of the Captain, a new edit video has been going viral mixed with Arijit Singh’s Saware song from the movie Phantom.

Peggy’s wait for the right person to dance might have seemed old-fashioned, but it was one of the most romantic moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie just lacked a romantic hit number which would have made the scene more romantic, but a new video satisfies the need for superhero fandom!

A new video of Captain America talking about how one needs to give up and lead a life has been going viral. As Steve Roger says, “Bhulana padta hai”, the dialogue he says in the Avengers: Endgame during the therapy session, the video is cued with Arijit Singh’s melodious track, ‘Saware’, with scenes of him with Peggy Carter. The emotional video has made netizens emotional as they talk about how Captain did not get his love in the movie until Avengers: Endgame.

The video posted by an account named “Thebaarishguy” on has got MCU fans assembled! Watch the video below and read on to find out what they have to say about it.

Reacting to the sad video of Captain America, a user said, “Captain America ko bhi nhi mili, to hame kya hi milegi ????????”. Another added, “When you save whole World but can’t save your own world ????”

The saddest and most relatable comment of all time, “Mard ne humesha apni mohabbat ko khoya hai ????????” was also present at the post. Another added, “Par budhau ne wo sab wapas bhi to pa liya time travel kar ke ????”. Third added, “Us captain us”

While the fourth movie from the character’s franchise, Captain America: New World Order, is finally in production with Anthony Mackie being the new Captain America, let us know do you think Steve Rogers will return to the MCU.

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