Axie Infinity Announced Origin Update Beta Testing for iOS Users

The Axie Infinity: Origin update now opens its doors for iOS players. However, slots are limited and only a handful of players will be able to join the testing phase. Players who played in the Origin update or have their own Mystic Axies can also gain access to the Origin testing for iOS devices. The game can be accessed through the TestFlight app. This is just one of the major developments that go in line with Sky Mavis’ goal of making the new update accessible to as many players as possible. The Axie Origin update is now available for both Android and iOS devices.

Axie Origin Update now playable on iOS devices

The next major update for the popular NFT game has now been made available for iOS phones. However, only a limited number of players will be able to gain access for now. As the testing phase continues, Sky Mavis is planning to implement more features to the game and make it more accessible for more devices and players in the future.

According to Sky Mavis, the developers of Axie Infinity, the players who have an Origin account or have a Mystic Axie in the classic version of the game will be able to access the iOS port.

Similar to Axie Infinity Classic, testers are required to download the TestFlight app and ask for special access through the official Discord channel.

To celebrate the release of the Mobile port of the Axie Origin update, a has been posted by Sky Mavis. This guide should help new players get started and understand the various mechanics in the game.

iOS players who are not qualified to be an Axie Origin iOS beta tester will have to wait for more updates from Sky Mavis. As the testing phase continues, the developers are looking to incorporate SLP rewards, NFT Runes/ Charms, and official competitive ranked seasons in the Origin update in the near future.


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