Axie Infinity: Origin Update Now Available for Android Users

One of the most awaited accessibility features for Axie Infinity: Origin (also known as Battles V3) has been announced. Players can now play the update from the comfort of their Android devices. The Axie Origin update can only be played by downloading the Android Package (APK) file through the official download page of the popular NFT game. This is just one of the major developments that go in line with Sky Mavis’ goal of making the new update accessible to as many players as possible. Downloads for the Google Playstore version and iOS devices are yet to be made available.

Axie Origin Update now playable on Android devices

The next major update for the popular NFT game has now been made available for Android phones. As the testing phase continues, Sky Mavis is planning to implement more features to the game and make it more accessible for more devices in the future.

“Even without SLP [Smooth Love Potions] or AXS [Axie Infinity Shards] rewards, we are seeing strong traction of Origin during this early access phase and are excited to open it up to Android users. Now is a special time for our community to focus on having fun while learning Origin’s new battle system and mechanics. We’ve promised to develop Origin alongside the community and we are aggressively updating Origin as feedback comes in so that we can create the best gameplay possible,” said Trung Nguyen, Sky Mavis CEO.

The Axie Origin update features a new battle system that is more fun, beautiful, engaging, and opens the game to a broader audience. Players will be able to enjoy the features such as new in-game mechanics, interfaces, art, special effects, and storylines. A new burning mechanism for its in-game tokens is also promised to be added to the game in the future.

To celebrate the release of the Mobile port of the Axie Origin update, a has been posted by Sky Mavis. This guide should help new players get started and understand the various mechanics in the game.

After an initial early access period, Sky Mavis plans to launch the Axie Origin update on both the Android and iOS app stores and will work towards a full launch that incorporates SLP rewards, NFT Runes/ Charms, and official competitive ranked seasons.

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