Baloyskie Shares Who He Thinks Is the Best Franco Player in MPL ID Season 11

Baloyskie Shares Who He Thinks Is the Best Franco Player in MPL ID Season 11

Geek Slate’s seasoned veteran Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy shared who he thinks is the best Franco player in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 11. The star roamer has two players in mind. However, for this season, Rachmad “DreamS” Wahyudi of EVOS Legends takes the spotlight for his impressive accuracy when using Franco. The pro player was good at using the Iron Hook ability to the point he often gets respect bans for the hero in matches. 

The MPL ID Season 11 is currently in its playoffs stage with EVOS Legends vying for a grand finals spot in the lower bracket.

Baloyskie lauds DreamS as the best Franco player for MPL ID Season 11

Franco is one of the heroes who is commonly plain in the MPL ID Season 11. With a skilled player, the hero’s hook mechanic allows teams to take control of the game or turn the tide in their favor easily.

One of the most iconic Franco players in the Mobile Legends esports scene, Baloyskie, shared his thoughts on who he thinks is the player who showed exceptional skills when using the tank hero, through an interview with

“Before I thought it was Vyn but for some reason, this season, I think it’s DreamS because he hooked me very often,” said Baloyskie.

DreamS is the roamer for EVOS Legends. Due to his mastery of Franco, the hero is often being banned by their opponent to prevent him from picking it. One good example is the match between EVOS Legends and RRQ in the lower bracket semi-finals Game 4 where DreamS took control of the map with his Franco with two kills and 10 assists. This resulted in the White Tigers banning Franco in the fifth and deciding match.

EVOS Legends’ recent resurgence is one the biggest moments in MPL ID, it will be interesting to see if the White Tigers will be able to keep its momentum going and bring back its champion-caliber performance.


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