BB OTT: 'You Are Second Wife Tujh Par Humesha…'Kritika Malik Reveals People Poisoned Her Mind Against Payal


In a recent episode of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’, Kritika Malik candidly discussed the challenges she faced with fellow contestant Payal Malik, revealing how external influences played a detrimental role in their relationship. The discussion unfolded as both Kritika and Payal delved into the complexities of their bond, shedding light on the misinformation and manipulative tactics that soured their interactions.

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Throughout the episode, Kritika Malik expressed regret over how outside voices poisoned her perceptions of Payal, painting her as a rival rather than a potential ally.

She disclosed that people had actively fueled misunderstandings, suggesting that Payal would always overshadow her as the “second wife,” a notion that deeply affected their dynamic.

Agar main Payal ke jagah hoti na toh mujhe bhi bura lagta, I’m not saying this just because you all are sitting here or because you are feeling if we comment anything right now Kritika will feel bad as she is sitting here. We tried our best to break this relationship. Mujhe laga maine bahut badi galti kardi ek chhoti si family ko barbaad kar diya.”

Payal Malik echoed these sentiments, recalling tense moments and bitter exchanges that marred their relationship early on. She admitted to engaging in heated arguments with Kritika, driven by the same external pressures that clouded their understanding of each other.

“Uss time meri aur iski aisi thi ke na main isse dekh sakti thi aur na ye mujhe. Hum dono ek dusre ke itne bure dushman the. Hum dono phone par ek dusre ko gaaliyaan de rahe the. It’s not like we started loving each other just now, we have created this bond.  Ab aisa scene hai Armaan can fight with us but we don’t fight with each other.”

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The episode also highlighted a turning point in their journey within the ‘Big Boss’ house, where both women confronted these misconceptions head-on. Through open dialogue and shared experiences, they began to unravel the layers of mistrust and eventually forged a stronger bond.

“Ek dusre ke mann mein logon ne itna zeher ghoul diya ke teri usse shaadi horahi hai toh tera pati tujhse cheen legi. Iska toh pati hai tujhe humesha daba ke rakhegi ye Woh, you are second wife tujh par humesha thappa rahega. Isko alag baatein boli mujhe alag, woh joh phase tha na and it went for one and a half year. I can’t express those things in words.”

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Kritika revealed how they sorted out their differences

“Then Chiku ke papa, Payal and I sat together for two days aur sab khul ke baat kari kya hai kya nahi hai. That’s when we realised we don’t have anyone else apart from each other. We then sorted everything one by one and slowly our love got stronger and now bond is very strong.”

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Their story serves as a powerful reminder of the complexities faced by individuals in reality television, where personal relationships are often tested under intense scrutiny. As Kritika and Payal navigate their differences and build mutual respect, their journey continues to resonate with viewers, offering insights into resilience and reconciliation in the face of external adversity.

The episode concluded with a renewed sense of understanding between Kritika and Payal, showcasing their determination to overcome external influences and nurture a genuine connection amidst the challenges of the ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’ experience.