Becoming an MVP won’t Matter If it doesn’t Result in a Team Win, says Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal

Team Soul’s star player Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal has been amongst the top contenders for being the most valuable player in the recent BGMI tournaments. In June 2022, Goblin became the MVP of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series Season 1 by securing a total of 71 finishes, which is roughly 42% of all finishes taken by the team. His consistency ensured the BMPS 2022 title for Team Soul with a huge point gap. Goblin in a recent livestream said that becoming an MVP won’t matter if it doesn’t result in a winning cause for the team.

Winning the MVP title isn’t the primary goal for me, says Goblin

SouL Goblin in a recent livestream responded to the questions put up by the viewers. When asked about overcommitting in fights, Goblin replied that overcommitment during fights was one of the issues he was having during BMPS as well, the player assured his fans that he has been working on it but he also asked them to not expect a sudden improvement.

Goblin also talked about being an MVP in BGMI tournaments, he said that becoming an MVP won’t matter if it doesn’t result in a Team winning the trophy.

“If I get an MVP award but the team is ending up being on 2nd, 5th, or 6th position, then the MVP title is just useless. However, if the team is winning the tournament and I become an MVP, then it’s good,” said Goblin.

He further urged the fans to stop comparing him with his teammate Akshat. It’s weird when fans start comparing me with my teammates, whether it’s me in getting finishes or my teammates, in the end, it all counts for the team which we are playing for,” said Goblin.

He further stated that if Team Soul wins the upcoming PMWI, the MVP would also be from Soul, it could be him or anyone of his teammate.

He also said that Team Soul’s participation in the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022 is yet to be confirmed by Krafton.

Goblin has been a great find for Team Soul this year. His gun power is one of the key things that completely justifies his role of playing as a free man for the team, he carries an impeccable ability to do 1v4 clutches in the toughest situations. In the recently concluded BGMI Master Series 2021, Goblin accumulated 38 finishes which were the highest in the grand finals. However, the player fell short in average survival time as a result, it was Jonathan from Team Godlike who became the MVP of the tournament.


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