Benthings Emotional After TNC Losses MPL PH Season 11 Playoffs Contention

Benthings Emotional After TNC Losses MPL PH Season 11 Playoffs Contention

Benthings shares emotional post after TNC Pro Teams loses MPL PH Season 11 playoffs dream

In its previous matches, TNC was able to pull off a shocking victory against the leading team, Bren Esports and the M4 World Champion, ECHO. While it gave fans hope that the rising Phoenix would pull off a cinderella run before the regular season ended, the momentum was halted by ONIC PH with a 2-0 score. This loss locked TNC Pro Team out of the competition with no chance of taking a playoff spot.

While the journey was tough, the team remained in high spirits throughout the run. The squad’s captain explained how the team remained positive despite its upsetting performance.

“For me, personally, I don’t look at the [regular season] points. So, when the final message was announced, that’s where I got the clue on what was happening,” said Benthings.

“So, we just hearted [form a heart shape with your fingers], until it was announced. That’s what my team wanted, that’s what we believe. As long it’s not yet announced that we are out of the playoffs, we keep on fighting,” he added.

Despite this, Benthings remained determined to keep trying for MPL seasons to come.

“Thanks a lot to all those who supported us till the end. You guys really strengthened our confidence,” he said. “Don’t worry, there’s still Season 12,13,14,15,16,16,18,19,20.”

“Our dream won’t stop until we are the champions in MPL, as long as MPL is still here,” he added.

Through a Facebook post, Benthings also looked back on his journey in the MPL PH scene.


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