Telugu Games Best 6 Games that you can Play

Telugu Games that you can Play : As the word has started to heal from the impact of coronavirus which started in December 2019. And now in the late 2021 the world is seeing the unlock. Where you can see people travelling because flights have started again. People are enjoying parties, Movies and all sorts of gatherings. I think it is time when we can talk about children as well as adults to start looking for other resources of entertainment than just electronic devices. And in that series we are going to talk about a few Telugu games which you can start playing right now with your friends and family. Because we were in a lockdown situation for more than one and half year. And it has started impacting our physical and mental health as well. Let’s talk about a few games.

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Best 6 Telugu Games That You Can Play

Best 6 Telugu Games that you can Play

Chedugudu (Kabbadi)

Chedugudu is the Telugu name of game also known as kabaddi in India. It is one the most popular game in between both Boys and Girls. It is an outdoor game which requires two teams with more than 3 or 4 players in each team. 

And in order to play the chedugudu, team draw a line between both of them. And then one player from each side will cross the line to the other side by saying words “Chedugu Chedugu”. The player who entered the other side will try to touch one or more players and come back safely in his own side.

Why opponent’s will try to stop him in their side. If the player but crossed the other side successful touched one or more players and came back safely. All the Touched players will be out of the game. If he can not come back safely then he will be out. It is a game of numbers and winner is declared on the basis of who out the other team first. 

Dugudumootala Dandkor (Hide and Seek)

Also known as Hide and seek, Dugudumootala Dandkor is also one of the Famous telugu games. It can be played both indoor and outdoor as well. This game one person is made blindfold and others will try to stay hidden until the person who was blindfolded find them one by one. There are many ways to call the caught person. But saying his/her name is one of the famous.

Other then that there is no limit of how many players can play the game. But in order to play it interestingly there should be more than three players. And the person who got caught first will have to find in the next game.

Dongo Police

Dongo police is also a very famous Telugu game. At first site it may look similar to the Dugudumootala Dandkor also known as Hide and Seek in other Areas. But in reality it is very different then Dugudumootala Dandkor. 

In Dongo Police game any number of players can play. Players will form two different teams will be called police and other team will be called Dongo. Both of the teams should have equal number of players, but in some cases there could be one extra player in police team. Then both of the teams will decide the area in which maximum we can play just like a ground. 

Then team Dongo will try to hide in the given area. And team police will capture players of team Dongo and bring them to one pre decided player. Once all the Dongo are captured. Then they will exchange the name and roles. 

Oppula Kuppa

Oppula Kuppa a game of young girls is also very famous in between Adults. The game is played between two players where they stand in front of each other and hold their hands in a crossed manner. Then both of the players will turn around and around in circles and sing along

Oppula Kuppaa Oyyari Bhasma,

Sannaa Biyyam Chaaya Papppu,

Bavilo Kappas Chetilo Chippaa

Rotlo Tavudu nee Mogudevaru

Gootlo rupaay nee mogudu Sipaay

The game is mostly played for fun and there is no winner or loser after playing this game. And for fun players will circle at a very fast speed. The game is mostly played on Atla Taddi Day. 

Goleelu (Marbles)

Goleelu is a very popular game among young boys. In some areas, it is also called marbles because the component which players use is made out of marble. There is no set of rules to play this game.

Any number of players can play this game with their own set of rules. But there is one thing which is common and like a rule that you should have a few marbles in your hand in order to participate. 

You can play it any way you want but in the end, the player who have want more marbles will be the winner. Some boys also play it in a friendly manner which means if anyone loses marbles the winner will return the marble at the end of the game.

Goti ( Kancha)

Just like the Goleelu, Goti also is a popular game among the young and some adults also. Goti is a superior game to Goleelu. Because rather than using Marbles players use small balls made out of Glass.

Just like marbles it has different forms in which you can play Kancha. And players bet their kancha on the game. Will take all the Goti used to play. You can also play it in a friendly way and return the Goti at the end of the game.

It is also very popular among some adults because in order to get Goti you have to pay someone who is selling it because you cannot make Goti at home like marbles.


Even though we have talked about a few famous Telugu games that don’t mean it ends here. There are many games other than these such as Satolia, Lattu, chuk chuk pulla, asta Cheema, etc. If you want to know about any other game you can comment down and we will try to cover it.

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