Best DL-Q33 Loadout in COD: Mobile

The DL-Q33 is a powerful sniper rifle in Call of Duty (COD): Mobile, and creating an effective loadout involves maximizing the weapon’s damage range, bullet velocity, and other important stats. The weapon is very potent in the current meta and if you are looking for the best DL-Q33 loadout in COD: Mobile, here are our recommendations for attachments, perks, and more. 

Note: Our recommended loadout is based on what’s popular but personal preferences should also come into effect and you should make changes based on your playstyle.

Best attachments for DL-Q33 in COD: Mobile

MIP Light Barrel: This attachment improves bullet velocity and increases the weapon’s effective range.

Tactical Suppressor: It reduces muzzle flash, keeping your position hidden from enemies.

Granulated Grip Tape: This attachment enhances recoil control, making it easier to stay on target.

Stippled Grip Tape: It improves ADS (Aim Down Sight) speed, allowing for faster target acquisition.

DL-Q33 Default Scope: The default scope provides a clear view of long-range targets. If you prefer a different sight, the Tactical Scope is a popular choice for its clear magnification.

Best perks, lethal and tactical equipment for DL-Q33 in COD: Mobile

Quick Fix: This perk allows you to start health regeneration immediately after securing a kill, helping you stay in the action for longer periods.

Ghost: It keeps you hidden from enemy UAVs, denying the opponents valuable information about your location.

Dead Silence: This perk enables you to move silently, reducing the chances of enemies hearing your footsteps.

Frag Grenade: A versatile choice that can be used to clear out enemies from objectives or finish off weakened opponents.

Smoke Grenade: It provides cover and obscures the enemy’s vision, allowing you to reposition or revive teammates safely.

What secondary weapon should you use with the DL-Q33 in COD: Mobile?

MW11: This pistol is a reliable sidearm for close-quarters combat, offering decent damage and accuracy.

Tips for using the DL-Q33 effectively

Positioning: Find elevated spots with good sightlines to maximize your advantage as a sniper. Look for spots that offer cover and allow you to maintain a clear view of the battlefield.

Map Awareness: Keep an eye on your surroundings and the minimap to anticipate enemy movement and avoid getting caught off guard.

Communication: Coordinate with your teammates, provide overwatch, and communicate enemy positions to maximize team effectiveness.

Accuracy and Patience: Take your time to line up shots and aim for headshots to secure quick kills. Remember that accuracy and precision are key for successful sniping.

As we mentioned earlier, this loadout is a suggestion, and you can customize it to suit your playstyle and preferences. Practice regularly to improve your sniping skills and have an enjoyable experience dominating the battlefield with the DL-Q33 in Call of Duty: Mobile.