Best Heroes in Mobile Legends for Duo Ranked Games

Playing for your friends or a partner is one of the most effective ways to win ranked games in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). While there are alone, they usually struggle when the whole team is doing poorly. However, playing with people you trust will surely help push a fast rank in Mobile Legends. Fortunately, there are heroes that work perfectly when paired together. Proper communication and individual skills will still be a requirement in order to fully utilize these heroes.

Here is a list of heroes in Mobile Legends for duo ranked games. 

Top 5 duo heroes in ML for Ranked Games

5. Guinevere and Minotaur

One of the easiest duo heroes to combo in the game. A good combo will be to use Minotaur’s first skill, then Ultimate, before Guinevere jumps in the middle to deliver another knockup in enemies. This combo is very effective in team fights, especially if you and your partner can land the combo to multiple enemies. Make sure to ban Diggie to prevent enemies from escaping your knockups.

The two heroes have a unique ability that can only be used when they are on the same team. Cecillion can summon Carmilla and gain a shield based on his partner’s level. Carmilla can then choose to shoot herself at a target location, gaining a shield while also slowing enemies within the area of impact. This is perfect for catching enemies off guard as not everyone knows this unique ability.

One of the most common heroes for duo ranked games in ML are Angela and Ling. While Angela can be paired with any hard carry heroes, Ling is one of the top picks due to his playstyle of always split-pushing and diving into team fights. As an assassin, Ling is quite eas to take down but Angela can guarantee his survivability with heals and shields.

One of the commonly used tactics in esports tournaments is the Faramis Mid Lane and Mathilda Roamer combo. This high sustain composition ensures your team will stay alive longer than your enemies in team fights. However, keep in mind that if you don’t have a hard carry in the team, you will struggle to win team fights before all your sustain abilities go on cooldown.

1. Johnson and Kadita

If you or your duo partner in Mobile Legends know how to use Johnson properly, pairing him with Kadita can be very devastating. Simply drive around the map and ram unsuspecting victims before unleashing Kadita’s deadly one-hit combo once the enemy is stunned. A very simple team composition but very effective, especially in lower ranks. Just make sure to ban Diggie to prevent enemies from escaping your combo.

Here is an example of how this duo hero combo is used in Mobile Legends;