Best Locus Loadout in COD: Mobile Season 6

Locus is one of the best sniper rifles in Call of Duty (COD): Mobile Season 6. It is one of the most iconic weapons in the Call of Duty franchise and you can get consistent one-shot kills with the weapon fairly easily. We have a Locus loadout for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 that you should be using to dominate your opponents. While we have carefully selected the best attachments, perks, and equipment, it is always a good idea to experiment and see what works best for you.

Best attachments for the Locus in COD: Mobile

We optimized our Locus loadout for COD: Mobile Season 6 and recommend pairing the sniper with something like a sidearm or an SMG to ensure you can compete against other players at all ranges: 

Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor – The Tactical Suppressor reduces the sound of your shots, keeping you hidden from enemy minimaps and making it harder for opponents to pinpoint your location.

Barrel: MIP Light – The MIP Light barrel improves the Locus’ overall performance by increasing damage range and bullet velocity. It allows you to hit targets more effectively at longer distances.

Optic: DLQ-33 Exotic – Although the Locus has its own built-in scope, the DLQ-33 Exotic optic provides a clearer and more precise view when scoping in. It helps you acquire and track targets more easily.

Stock: YKM Combat Stock – The YKM Combat Stock attachment enhances mobility by increasing sprint-to-fire and aim-walking speed. It allows you to quickly scope in and move around the map more efficiently.

Ammunition: Extended Mag A – The Extended Mag A attachment provides an increased magazine capacity, allowing you to take more shots before needing to reload. This is particularly useful for snipers who want to maintain a steady presence on the battlefield.

Lightweight – Lightweight increases your sprinting speed, enabling you to traverse the map more swiftly. It helps you reach sniping positions faster or relocate after taking shots.

Best perks and equipment for the Locus in COD: Mobile

Ghost: Ghost keeps you hidden from enemy UAVs and removes the red dot indicator when enemies fire without a suppressor. This perk helps maintain your stealth and reduces the chances of opponents tracking your position.

Dead Silence: Dead Silence makes your footsteps silent, reducing the noise you make while moving. This is essential for snipers as it allows you to reposition without giving away your location through sound cues.

Lethal Equipment: Trip Mine – The Trip Mine is a valuable defensive tool that can be strategically placed to protect your sniping position. It alerts you when enemies pass through its laser beam, allowing you to react and defend yourself.

Tactical Equipment: Smoke Grenade – Smoke Grenades can provide cover and concealment, allowing you to create a safe zone for repositioning or reviving teammates. They can also be used to block lines of sight and confuse opponents.