Best QQ9 Loadouts for COD: Mobile 2023

Since the early days of Call of Duty (COD) Mobile, the QQ9 has been a prime choice for mobility players. Not only does this gun boast incredible damage and fire rate, but it also stands out in terms of range within the SMG category. Before the release of the mythic drop for the QQ9, the gun received a significant buff that propelled it to the top of the gun meta. Even after several seasons, the QQ9 continues to dominate ranked maps, whether in respawn or Search & Destroy (S&D) matches. Therefore, having a thorough understanding of the gun’s functionality and its attachments is essential. Let’s delve into the complete loadout guide for the QQ9.

Best QQ9 Loadout suggestions for COD Mobile in 2023

When it comes to the QQ9, there are two primary build options: the Range build and the Ultra Fast build. Firstly, this is the list of the common attachments for both of these builds.

  • RTC Recon Tac Long

  • No Stock

  • OWC Laser Tactical 

  • 45 Round Extended Mag

With the inclusion of the ‘RTC Recon Tac Long’ barrel attachment your range will increase although the QQ9 already possesses decent range. However, it’s important to note that it may not be as versatile as an assault rifle. Players seeking greater damage reach can opt for the ‘Monolithic Suppressor’, which increases the gun’s damage range by an additional 15%. Although this build is not suitable for cross map engagements, it excels across all typical engagements.

It’s a gun that already struggles with bullet spread accuracy. So putting the ‘Monolithic Suppressor’ on while you already have a mobility enhancer stock will definitely hamper your aim. This is where the next build comes in. 

The QQ9 already struggles with bullet spread accuracy so pairing the monolithic suppressor with a mobility-enhancing stock can negatively impact your aim. This is where the Ultra Fast build comes into play. By replacing the Monolithic Suppressor with the ‘Tactical Suppressor’, you can maintain bullet spread accuracy without sacrificing mobility. Moreover, the tactical suppressor also slightly improves ADS (Aim Down Sight) speed. This build is commonly favored by many QQ9 users due to its well-rounded performance.

Should I equip the 10mm 30 Round Stopping Power Reload Mag for QQ9?

While the stopping power reload significantly reduces the time to kill with this SMG it also comes with heavy drawbacks. Go for it if you have already mastered the gun’s recoil. Because if you are not accurate, the 30-round magazine will deplete quickly, leaving you defenseless against multiple opponents. This is why the Stopping Power Reload is better suited for flankers and lurkers who just focus on winning those crucial 1v1s. It is also wise to replace the ‘No Stock’ attachment with ‘YKM Light Stock’ as you will need more ADS movement speed instead of sprinting speed as well as get rid of No Stock’s get hit flinch. By considering these different builds and attachments, you can optimize your QQ9 loadout based on your preferred playstyle and the demands of the battlefield.