Best Valentine’s Day Duo Heroes for Mobile Legends Couples

Valentine’s Day is one of the best chances to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) with your romantic partner. Playing a game together could be a good way to have fun and test out your synergy with each other. While some heroes might possess the ability to carry a team solo, they often falter when the team is struggling as a whole. However, when you’re playing Mobile Legends with your duo partner, you’ll find yourselves soaring up the ranks in no time.

To celebrate this Valentine’s Day, here is a list of heroes that you and your partner can use for duo ranked games in Mobile Legends.

Top MLBB Duo Heroes for Valentine’s Day

Carmilla and Cecilion

A unique ability can be unlocked if both heroes are on the same team. Cecilion can call upon Carmilla and gain a shield based on her level. Carmilla can then choose to launch herself at a target location, gaining a shield and slowing enemies hit in the Area of Effect (AoE). This is perfect for surprising enemies as not everyone is aware of this special interaction between the two heroes.

Guinevere gains bonus damage when enemies are knocked airborne while Minotaur can easily knock up enemies. This dynamic duo can both be a benefit to your team and an annoying hurdle to your enemies as they desperately try to avoid getting knocked up all the time.

Guinevere can be played as an EXP Laner, Roamer, or Jungler while Minotaur is played mainly as a roamer.

One of the reasons why Pharsa is difficult to play is her lack of Crowd Control (CC) to keep enemies from escaping her Ultimate ability. This is why Badang is one of the perfect Duo partners for her in MLBB. This is due to his ability to summon a wall which prevents enemies from escaping and forces them to use Flicker. 

Badang can be played in the EXP Lane while Pharsa is mainly played as a Mid Laner.

This Valentine’s Day duo combo is also commonly used in esports tournaments. Mathilda can provide shields and mobility to allies while Faramis can keep enemies from escaping through his Shadow Stampede skill and his Ultimate can also prevent allies from dying too early in a team fight. With this duo in Mobile Legends, your team is nearly unstoppable and can take a lot of high-risk plays.

Mathilda is mainly played as a roamer while Faramis can be played as a Mid Laner or a Roamer.

This is a classic duo in MLBB. Kadita has a burst combo that can potentially one-shot enemies while Johnson can have one ally ride him to roam around the map quickly. This opens up a lot of possibilities for surprise one-hit-kill scenarios as enemies will be stunned when they are rammed by Johnson while in vehicle form, allowing Kadita to perform her combo much easier. 

Johnson can be played as an EXP Laner or a Roamer while Kadita can be played as a Roamer or Mid Laner.

The Angela and Ling Duo in MLBB is one of the most common combos in ranked games for couples. Angela can be paired with almost any hero with the exception of Yin who has a very selfish playstyle. Ling can quickly roam around the map and catch enemies off guard by either split pushing or surprise ganks. When the situation calls for a healer, Angela can use her Ultimate no matter where she is on the map to give Ling all the utility he needs to keep fighting.

Angela is mainly played as a Roamer while Ling is played as a Jungler.

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