Bethesda Director Todd Howard Shares Details on Future Projects Including Starfield, Indiana Jones and Fallout TV Series

It’s fair to say that Bethesda fans will have some exciting years ahead with the kind of projects the American gaming studio is currently developing.

In a recent interview with Lex Fridman, iconic Bethesda developer Todd Howard revealed some interesting details about the company’s projects, which includes both games and TV shows.

Travelling in space will be lot less harder than you think in Starfield

2023 will kick off some major releases for Bethesda, starting with its space RPG title, Starfield. During the interview, Howard talked about the troubles of implementing real life problems associated with space travel, which includes fuel requirements. The game director confirmed that they won’t be using this idea, as it turned out to be a “fun killer”, which stopped amazing exploratory gameplay.

He later talked about the much-awaited Indiana Jones project, which is currently being developed by MachineGames. Howard claimed that Bethesda first pitched the idea for a game in 2009 to the people at Lucasfilms, who overlooked the Indiana Jones franchise.

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The Indiana Jones game is currently in development at MachineGames

The deal never materialized in the previous decade. However, when the idea was revisited recently, MachineGames was selected for the job, thanks to its experience in building games featuring Nazi characters à la the Wolfenstein series. Howard also stated that the game will be a culmination of different genres that he wanted to explore with Indiana Jones. He said, “It isn’t one thing, intentionally, it does a lot of different things.”

Along with that, Howard spilled some beans on the live-action adaptation of Bethesda’s most popular franchise in Fallout. The popular game director revealed that the series won’t be adapting any of the stories from the games. Instead, the Amazon series will feature a new story in the world created by Howard and his team at Bethesda. Howard further mentioned, “It exists in the same world, but it is its own unique thing.”


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