BGIS 2023 Registration Details: Dates, Duration, Eligibility, How to Register

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has completed two months since getting unbanned by the Indian government in May 2023 and Krafton is all set to kick off its premier tournament for the title, Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 (BGIS).

The first part of this competition, BGIS 2023 The Grind is already underway with some of the best directly invited BGMI teams from across the country fighting for the 64 available slots in the main event.

Earlier today, the organizers even released a detailed format breakdown and total prize pool distribution, giving community members a proper understanding of how the tournament will take place across four months.

It even provides a chance to aspiring and talented players to showcase their skills as a team. Here is how you can enroll your squad for the BGIS 2023 and all other details related to the registration process.

BGIS 2023 In-Game Qualifiers: Complete Registration Details

Instead of directly conducting an open qualifier, Krafton is implementing In-Game Qualifiers as the first round of BGIS 2023 for non-invited teams. This opens up the tournament to a greater number of players, giving more participants a chance to compete, and truly making this a grassroots-level event.

The registration process for the BGIS 2023 In-Game Qualifiers has already begun and is currently underway. Any player with a proper team can enroll for the tournament and compete for absolutely free.

  • Registration Start Date: 24th July

  • Registration End Date: 2nd August

  • Registration Link:

  • In-Game Qualifiers Slots: Unlimited

  • Squad: 4 Players (Min) to 6 Players (Max)

  • In-Game Qualifiers Start Date: 10th August, 00:00 IST

  • In-Game Qualifiers End Date: 16th August, 23:59 IST

Make sure all the details about every member of your squad are correct. This is because there is going to be a strict check that will be conducted by Krafton after the registration ends and before the In-Game Qualifiers begin.

There is also an eligibility criteria that needs to be met by all members of a squad, all accounts need to be above level 25 with Platinum V in Squad Mode.

BGIS 2023 In-Game Qualifiers: Registration Details

If all of these conditions are satisfied and once the team has been successfully registered. All that needs to be done for participation in the In-Game Qualifiers is to play 15 classic matches in Ranked Mode between 10th to 16th August.

The best 10 performances for every competing team will be considered and out of all the registered teams only 2048 teams will get an opportunity to play in BGIS 2023 Online Qualifiers Round 1.

This is everything you need to know about the registration process for the In-Game Qualifiers of BGIS 2023. It is a great opportunity for many players to showcase their skill and make it to the top. This also acts as a platform for aspring players to gain some recognition if they are talented enough.

The road to the Grand Finals will not be easy and it will be interesting to see if any team will be able to cross all the hurdles from start to finish.