BGIS 2023 Rules for Participating Teams, Check All Rules here

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 has strict rules that all participants must follow. Check out all rules here

BGIS 2023 Rules for Participating Teams
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BGIS 2023 Rules for the Participating Teams are here. Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 is known for being a tournament for underdogs, where they have a chance to compete against India’s top-tier teams, and this is Krafton’s first major tournament in India following its unban in India. Underdog teams and players have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the official event.

There are several rules for the participants in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023. The tournament rules are strict, and players have to follow them in order to participate legally and avoid disqualification from their team.

BGIS 2023 Rules for Participating Teams

  • Device: BGIS 2023 is a mobile-only online tournament, and the usage of tablets and emulators in the tournament is strictly prohibited.
  • Triggers or Controllers: Triggers, controllers, or any other add-on devices are strictly prohibited. Teams or players will be disqualified if found using additional devices.
  • Play as a solo, duo, or trio: The format of BGIS does not allow for players without squads (which need to contain 4 people or a team of up to 6 members) to enroll.
  • One Player, Multiple Teams: A player who participates on multiple teams by creating multiple accounts will result in the disqualification of all their teams.
  • Criteria for Participation in BGIS 2023: The criterion for participating is that you must be an Indian national. Participants also need to have a Level 25 and above Platinum V-tier account in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

To participate in the Tournament Matches, follow these steps: 

  • 1. After the lobby is set up, you will receive the lobby ID and password. 
  • 2. Use the provided information to join the lobby. 
  • 3. Once inside the lobby, you can start playing the match right away.

BGIS 2023 has a prize pool of INR 2 Crore that will be distributed between the top 16 teams and some individuals that performed well in the tournament. The BGIS 2023 Grand Finals may take place offline in Mumbai, check below for more details.

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